I can’t help but giggle when I tell someone that I use hypnotherapy to help my coaching clients (and improve my own life) and they say something like:

“Really? Isn’t that like brainwashing?”

“Do you make them act like a chicken or dance around?”

“That’s spooky, I would never do that!”

Thanks to lots of influences, these are common thoughts. Society, movies and events [like the county fair or stage shows in Las Vegas] sure have given hypnotherapy a bad reputation…amiright?


Well, m’dear, I’m here today to tell you all about what hypnotherapy REALLY is, how it works and how it has changed my life (and my client’s lives) in amazing ways!


What Hypnotherapy IS NOT

Let’s begin with what hypnosis IS NOT…

It IS NOT mind control, witchcraft, brainwashing nor any other spooky/supernatural word or phrase.

It is not being asleep, or being gullible/weak minded.

You know how during those hypnosis stage events the host picks a group of people and slowly the group decreases in size during the performance? That is because he/she is seeing who is someone that wants to be on stage and who isn’t. Who from the group has a personality to help make an entertaining show and who doesn’t?

These shows are VERYYYYYY different than how a REAL hypnotherapy session works – as they are for entertainment purposes ONLY.

In a hypnotherapy session you are in FULL control and won’t feel hypnotized, and can only do things that you WANT to do.

For example, if you come to me (or any hypnotherapist) to quit smoking BUT you don’t really want to quit smoking (you are only doing it because your spouse hates it, for example), then it won’t help you quit smoking. You have to WANT the results you are seeking.


What Hypnotherapy IS

Hypnosis is relaxation plus focused attention to speak to your subconscious mind. The body is much like a robot that simply responds to instructions from the mind.

Hypnosis creates thoughts and feelings so real that the body reacts biochemically.

Hypnosis is an awake state, exercise for your mind and the ultimate display of self control.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Let me explain…even through I am performing hypnotherapy with you I am really only a tour guide. YOU are actually doing the hypnosis yourself.

Let me explain more…if I asked you to close your eyes right now. *you close your eyes.* Who just closed their eyes? You did! I can ask you to do it, but you are the only one choosing if you want to follow the request. Make sense?


Hypnotherapy (and hypnosis) may seem like a mystery to you, perhaps you don't believe that it can even work. BUT today, I am here to explain what hypnotherapy really is and how this AMAZING tool changes lives!

Give me a call on the Amy Hates Carrots Hypnosis Hotline anytime! 😀

How Hypnotherapy Works

We have a conscious and subconscious mind. The things you see, hear, smell, taste and touch in your environment at any given moment is over 2 million bits of info – but you only take in consciously 126 bits a moment. The rest goes to your subconscious and it deletes, distorts or generalizes that info based on what you believe.

When you look out into the world around you you will either see alllll the possibilities that surround you and resources that support you in achieving what you want OR…

you will be completely blind to all of that – based on what your subconscious mind believes to be true.

This is why the subconscious mind is sooooo powerful and how working with it directly can make instant HUGE ASS shifts in your life/reality!


Sooooo, let’s pretend it is January 1st. Another NEW year, meaning lots of new year’s resolutions like: “I am going to workout everyday and lose weight!” But come 2-3 weeks later, the gym is empty again.

WHY??? Why, when we have every intention and we back it up with effort, do new habits just not stick around?!

It is because you cannot change a habit with only your conscious mind. You MUST use your subconscious to change on an identity level.

To shift from BEING someone who doesn’t work out ever, to someone who works out regularly, takes care of their physical body and chooses healthy intake options.

Sure, there are some success stories about creating new habits in 21 or 30 days times with repetition, but it is muchhhhhhh more difficult. I mean, has that really worked for you in your past?!

This is why hypnotherapy is so awesome!


Hypnotherapy speaks directly to the subconscious mind. You are able to shift an old habit or stop doing something that isn’t benefiting you/your life in an instant by reprogramming your subconscious and who you are at an identity level.

So, during hypnotherapy I/the hypnotherapist speaks to your subconscious mind to create instant results for something that you WANT changed. Your subconscious is so powerful that it shifts your desired outcome at an identity level, thus giving you the result instantly. Pretty amazing right?!

This is how someone who has tried for years to quit smoking and can’t succeed is able to do so after only one hypnotherapy session. They have shifted their identity to be that of a nonsmoker now. They changed who they are BEing.

Again, you MUST WANT your desired outcome! 100% it needs to be something you really want to happen for it to work!

It is soooooo much fun and can make THESE HUGE SHIFTS in your life right away! I still am amazed each and every time I perform hypnosis on myself or with a client!

I am so honored to get to help people achieve their goals with this powerful tool, and I would love to work with you if you want to give it a try (click here to read more about my coaching packages).


Why I Use Hypnosis ALLLLL The Time

As you can see, I love hypnosis so so much! It has been such a game changer in helping my awesome clients achieve their dream results and I also use self hypnosis almost daily.

I have shifted so many aspects in my own life for the better with hypnosis! I make healthier decisions with my physical body (the food I eat, my desire to exercise, drink more water and even sleep better), I choose to do things in my business that I used to be scared to do, I even procrastinate less and thus achieve more of my goals on the regular now!

I feel more confident, more worthy and more helpful to others, than I ever have in my entire life thanks to hypnotherapy! Sometimes I feel like I have a Harry Potter wand and I get to perform magic for anyone that wants it.

I’m so grateful for this amazing modality! I want to shout it from the rooftops on the daily about this MAGICAL TOOL! #HoorayForHypnosis


Hypnotherapy (and hypnosis) may seem like a mystery to you, perhaps you don't believe that it can even work. BUT today, I am here to explain what hypnotherapy really is and how this AMAZING tool changes lives!

Give me a call on the Amy Hates Carrots Hypnosis Hotline anytime! 😀


Thanks so much for stopping by m’dear! If you have any questions about hypnotherapy please let me know in the comments below.

And be sure to click here to check out my 1:1 coaching offerings here, if you’re ready to give hypnotherapy a try! 

Or if you are wanting to become a coach, or a coach wanting to expand your services – check out the Limitless Method Certification to learn about becoming a Board recognized Clinical Hypnotherapist with me here.

*HUGS* – Amy


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