People are often surprised to hear just how much I use hypnotherapy to help my coaching clients (and improve my own life).

It is such a powerful resource to speak directly to your subconscious mind and make huge shifts in an instant!

I freakin’ LOVE hypnosis, and can’t say enough awesome things about it. You can read more about what is it here.

But to answer some of the most common questions I receive on this topic…


I’d love to walk you through what a hypnotherapy session is really like (a behind-the-scenes of hypnosis with me):


Welcome To Our Hypnotherapy Session!

To start our hypnotherapy session together, we will discuss what the heck hypnotherapy is – how it works, what it does and ALLLLL the details in between. You will have a crystal clear idea of what to expect BEFORE we actually start.

I want to answer any questions you have and make sure you are very comfy before we begin. The best part about all of this is we can do this digitally! I use a program called Zoom (just like Facetime or Skype) making it EXTRA convenient to schedule your session anytime and anywhere!

Sooooo, what do you want to change m’dear?!

Next, we will discuss what it is that you want to change in your life. A specific behavior, habit or trait that you want removed or adjusted. I will ask you some questions so I can get 100% clear on what your desired out come is. It must be something you truly want to change.

Remember, in a hypnotherapy session with me you are in FULL control, you won’t feel hypnotized, and you can only make changes that you really WANT.

For example, if you come to me to quit smoking BUT you don’t really want to quit smoking (you are only doing it because your spouse hates it, for example), then it won’t help you quit smoking. You have to WANT the results you are seeking.

After our lil’ interview, we get to do some fun experiments to show you just how in control your mind is of your body. This part is super fun and likely to cause some giggling.

Once we have these done, and all of your questions are answered…we will start the actual session.


Give me a call on the Amy Hates Carrots Hypnosis Hotline anytime! 😀


Now Let’s Do Some Hypnosis!

Now we really begin! You will sit in a comfy seated position with your eyes closed and I will begin the hypnotherapy.

As I say a relaxation story out loud, you will begin to get super relaxed. You will hear everything and remember everything I say, as you go into trance.

Trance is just a state of relaxation when your brain waves slow down. It is super fun because you just experience a peaceful relaxation. And after the session you open your eyes and feel fully energized, refreshed and amazing!

While you are in trance I will be speaking to your subconscious mind using the exact words you used to describe the change that you want made. I am guiding you through the session BUT using your own words to make sure your subconscious knows EXACTLY what it is you want.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Let me explain…even through I am performing hypnotherapy with you I am really only a tour guide. YOU are actually doing the hypnosis yourself.

Let me explain more…if I asked you to close your eyes right now. *you close your eyes.* Who just closed their eyes? You did! I can ask you to do it, but you are the only one choosing if you want to follow the request. Make sense?

After all this, I bring you back up and BOOM – that’s it!!! Crazy that a huge shift can happen this quickly right?!? Your desired outcome is instant and you won’t even feel like you were hypnotized.

Because of this, some clients feel like it may not have fully worked BUT over the next couple of days they see the change in full effect.

I’ve helped clients with removing procrastination, for example, and the next day they woke up fully energized and motivated to finish all of their projects. It wasn’t like they HAD to do them all, but they wanted to…they felt inspired to get things done. And then after finishing one project, they just wanted to keep going!

Hypnotherapy just resets what it is you want reset. You are always in full control, but the outcome you want just feels like it was always there. Like it is just a natural part of who you are now.

I’ve also had clients that I helped quit smoking, feel like wanting a cigarette felt odd afterwards. There just was zero desire to do the thing that they felt they had to do every few hours prior to our session.

After Our Session

I love to follow up with you for the week after our session to see how things are going. I have never not had a successful session before, BUT I want to ensure that you are supported in any way you need. So email and/or WhatsApp support is available for the week after we meet.

Also, within 72 hours of our session I record a customized audio file for you to listen to anytime. Your subconscious has been shifted but  you may want to listen to this audio anytime you want.

When I really need to make a big change I listen to my own recordings each night before bed. It just locks all of the change in even more and it is always fun to listen to!

Thanks for reading what a hypnotherapy session looks like with me, please let me know if you have any questions and be sure to read this article all about how hypnotherapy works.

I am so honored to get to help people achieve their goals with this powerful tool, and I would love to work with you if you want to give it a try (click here to read more about my coaching packages).

Hypnotherapy (and hypnosis) may seem like a mystery to you, perhaps you don't believe that it can even work. BUT today, I am here to explain what hypnotherapy really is and how this AMAZING tool changes lives!

Give me a call on the Amy Hates Carrots Hypnosis Hotline anytime! 😀

Why I Use Hypnosis ALLLLL The Time

As you can see, I love hypnosis so so much! It has been such a game changer in helping my awesome clients achieve their dream results and I also use self hypnosis almost daily.

I have shifted so many aspects in my own life for the better with hypnosis! I make healthier decisions with my physical body (the food I eat, my desire to exercise, drink more water and even sleep better), I choose to do things in my business that I used to be scared to do, I even procrastinate less and thus achieve more of my goals on the regular now!

I feel more confident, more worthy and more helpful to others, than I ever have in my entire life thanks to hypnotherapy! Sometimes I feel like I have a Harry Potter wand and I get to perform magic for anyone that wants it.

I’m so grateful for this amazing modality! I want to shout it from the rooftops on the daily about this MAGICAL TOOL! #HoorayForHypnosis


Thanks so much for stopping by m’dear! If you have any questions about hypnotherapy please let me know in the comments below.

And be sure to click here to check out my coaching packages.

And if you want to learn the modality of Hypnotherapy to use for yourself and with your own clients – check out The Limitless Method Certification here where you can become a Board-Recognized Clinical Hypnotherapist with me!

*HUGS* – Amy


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