Choose your guided journey below so you can expand into your next level self, receive what it is you desire and go ALL in with your soul's LIMITLESS dreams!

These programs guide soul-driven leaders, coaches, healers, light workers + entrepreneurs to shift their inner programming, and align with their soul's purpose, so they can achieve ultimate freedom from their past, embody leadership + abundance, and activate the inner wisdom to manifest whatever they desire.

I utilize NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, breathwork, intuitive biz strategy, energetics, spirituality + neuroscience to serve my unicorn clients + students through EPIC transformations in their life and their business.

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💛 Release yourself from old limitations, programming and self-sabotaging tendencies designed by your subconscious mind to keep you repeating patterns that no longer serve you, and step into new beliefs around what's possible for you.

💛 Establish simple + empowering habits and rituals to support you in maintaining alignment with your soul's purpose and balance ALL of your passions and priorities.

💛 Look to nature/Mother Earth as a seasonal resource + guide to learn how to trust your inner knowing and make soul-aligned decisions for your highest good. 

Experience major shifts in all the areas of your life by expanding deeper into your next level self IN JUST ONE SEASON (and repeat all the seasons to come).





3 month group program

A 3 month online experience to support you in actually achieving your goals by creating lasting change from the inside out. This evolutionary journey continuously builds upon a core foundation that takes you to your next level in all of life's categories. Whatever your current goals are (make more money, lose weight, improve your relationships, or undergo a total identity shift), you'll make them your reality.

*The Winter Season begins December 21st


    "Amy's goal-getting system has allowed me to stay focused on what really matters to me/my soul and what direction I want to head in my life overall.

    It has helped me really visualize my goals, and holds me accountable to keep working towards them step by step with inspired action!

    The whole process of breaking down your goals into a concrete and achievable plan is a game changer, and in my experience, has brought me that much closer to making my dreams a reality! 😄" 

    seasonal shift 1.0 student


    💛 Get crystal clear on your biz goals + create a detailed path to achieving them, while learning how to align your decisions + actions with your soul and intuition.

    💛 Craft an unforgettable, nurturing journey for your soulmate clients with a soul-aligned product suite that can deliver immediate and sustainable income.

    💛 Create, launch and sell (with fun and ease) and discover how to continue building upon your beautiful biz foundation, based on YOU and YOUR purpose. 

    💛 Most importantly, learn how to make the inner shifts needed to BE the version of yourself that is capable of achieving ALLLL the success you desire (including more income, more impact + more freedom)!

    Shift from an overwhelmed + burned out service-based entrepreneur to a focused + super confident CEO.





    self-paced course


    *The doors open for new students in March, 2021

    A self-paced online experience for soul-driven entrepreneurs that combines intuitive biz strategy, spirituality, energetics + neuroscience to create the inner shifts you need to take aligned, confident action AND the outer shifts to craft prosperous offers that magnetize soulmate clients. Stop driving in circles in your soul-driven business with this road map to EPIC success!!


      "Amy really helped me to recognize the different parts of my life that needed goal setting and gave me a very easy way to plan out and organize my thoughts. She taught me how to take my big dreams and break them down into smaller chunks for each season so my seemingly overwhelming goals became smaller, more approachable and most of all doable! Because after all, dreams will just remain dreams without actionable steps to make them reality.

      I started feeling organized and super motivated to get working and before I knew it, only 2 months in, I had knocked out 2 major projects that had been lingering on my dream to do list for years! When the next month hit, I couldn’t believe how much I had already accomplished! And it’s all due to the crystal clear clarity that I had going into the year. I knew what goals I was going to focus my time and energy on, and everything that wasn’t that I could easily say no to, so I could keep my eye on the prize! What a difference that made! 

      Armed with my new confidence from the season, I was amped to do it again in the next season and Amy’s guidance helped me to re-evaluate my big picture goals and then revise my seasonal goals so I was set up to make more big strides. 

      Working with Amy has been a game changer. I feel like I have turbo charged my productivity because I have the clarity of knowing which goals are my priority and what I need to work on, one step at a time. Also, I think it’s important to note that her method has also helped me from becoming too unbalanced and too focused on just the “work” goals. Creating goals for the other aspects of my life like “health and wellness”, “finances” and “relationships” has helped me to keep my life balanced, instead of making progress at the expense of another part of my life. I am so ready to keep going! Bring on the next season!!!

      seasonal shift
      1.0 student





      practitioner certification

      💛 As a Limitless Coach + Certified Practitioner of these 6 modalities, you can work on a much deeper subconscious level to create lasting and empowered change for yourself and your clients. #NextLevelResults

      💛 Your upgraded toolkit includes the Limitless Life portals to dive inward, heal deeper and create fulfilling ever-lasting success in ALL of the life categories (while having fun and staying aligned to your soul's purpose). Hellllo, next level you!

      💛 Step into your CEO power and create, launch, maintain, and scale a thriving business with the AHC Soul-Driven Business portals. No matter where you're at on your biz/coaching journey (brand new or super established) you'll learn how to use your new tools to serve your clients, grow your income and impact. Oh hey, next level biz! 🤗

      A 9 month immersive certification experience for the soul-driven being, leader, coach, healer, light worker + service-based entrepreneur wanting to become a masterful practitioner who confidently facilitates miracle-style results, embodies your next level self + creates the soul-driven business (and life) of your dreams!

      Become internationally certified & recognized as a... Success + Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Time Techniques™ Practitioner REIKI PRACTITIONER & EFT Practitioner.


      9 month certification


      *We begin February 1, 2021
      **Enrollment includes Season Shift program (which begins Dec 21, 2020) and all Soul-Driven Business resources



        "I shifted from a web designer + biz strategist into coaching because I found that no matter how much aligned strategy I applied (for myself + my clients), I wasn't getting the results I craved. Your inner programming HAS to match/be open to receiving your desired outcomes in order to get them and maintain lasting results!

        So, I started applying mindset/energy work to my coaching and FINALLY clients were getting better results! BUT I WAS STILL hitting a wall with my biz growth, income and the level of transformations I could offer...

        NLP, TIME Techniques™, Hypnosis and EFT were the missing tools to my magical coaching toolkit! Learning + embodying these modalities and making shifts at a subconscious level, empowered me to confidently facilitate life-changing transformations for my clients and for myself!!

        It is ridiculous to me that we all have the most powerful tool (our mind) ever created and yet, are never taught how to properly use it!! I became a Trainer of these modalities so that I could get these life-changing methods into the hands of as many change makers as possible and together we can create a gorgeous ripple effect on the world!"

        student of the universe 😘

        IT ME! AMY



        9 month certification


        master practitioner certification

        Become internationally certified & recognized as a... Master Success + Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnosis Practitioner, MASTER REIKI PRACTITIONER & Master Time Techniques™ Practitioner.


        💛 At Practitioner level you perfect the craft of locating the bad/unwanted fruit of the tree and plucking it off... at Master level, you'll unearth the tree's roots, healing at the core level and locking in everlasting growth and transformation in yourself and others. 

        💛 You'll deepen your knowledge of the practitioner level tools AND get to be both the practitioner and "client" for a NEW magical set of techniques (including a full-day breakthrough session) that will take you to new levels of freedom from your past and overflowing confidence going forward. #LimitlessLife

        💛 Step into your leadership power, scale your revenue, grow your impact + fulfillment, and expand your soul-driven business even further with the AHC Visionary Business resource portals. #LimitlessBiz

        A 9 month online experience and 7 day in-person event for soul-driven leaders, coaches, healers, light workers + entrepreneurs wanting to MASTER their craft and deliver their clients (and themselves) the deepest level of change and transformation. All while creating new paradigms of their identity, and next level expansion into their happiest, healthiest, highest selves!


        *The application period begins in
        August, 2021

        **LM Practitioner level or certifications recognized by the IBCP are a prerequisite 



          Each day that you hold yourself back is a day that you are not doing what you were put on this earth to do. 

          You were meant to follow your soul's passions, find fulfillment and lead an extraordinary life doing what you LOVE (aka NOT chasing carrots). 🥕😜

          Let nothing get in your way, m'dear!!  💖💖💖 

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