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I'm a Mindset Coach + Business Mentor, and Trainer of NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Success/Life Coaching, Reiki + Time Techniques™. I help amazing beings create a m(o)ore intentional life that fuels their soul, instead of their carrot-chasing ego.

I love new adventures, fresh air + nachos. I heart all furry friends + think their rumps are the cutest things ever [how do you look at a corgi's butt or pig's curly tail and not just giggle]?

I'm obsessed with exploring our gorgeous world and all the infinite information and possibilities that surround us, always. 

And I truly believe that we each have a unique light, and by sharing them with each other, love spreads in the most positive ripple effect imaginable.


what's with the

I spent sooooo many years of my life chasing things that I thought I wanted. Searching for happiness, worthiness, safety, peace, freedom and wholeness outside of myself.

I found myself chasing carrot after carrot - the climb up the corporate ladder, the quest for more degrees at University, more money to have things look a certain way and to finally feel secure... even running my business the way that other successful entrepreneurs were, to get the outcome I thought I wanted.

And while all these things can be great goals, they weren’t actually what my soul was calling me towards, and in hindsight I see that they were simply dangling carrots (ego-driven goals masking my soul's purpose).



the solution

I researched everything I could find about healing, self-discovery and mindset... and began my journey.

I felt like I was making some progress, but I still wasn’t achieving the results in my life and my business that I knew I was capable of. Something was still missing.

It wasn’t until I learned about the subconscious mind that I was able to fully dive within and see the old childhood programming that remained despite all my conscious healing efforts.

See, consciously I believed I could do anything, consciously I truly knew that there was nothing else I could’ve done to save my parents, consciously I knew that I was now safe - BUT SUBCONSCIOUSLY I DIDN’T.

Our subconscious mind is running the show 99.9996% of the time. It is choosing what we think, feel and believe. So if I never "felt safe" as a child, my subconscious created programming to help me stay safe by acting and being a certain way back then.

Those programs are still running on repeat today as my adult self - an entrepreneur/coach working to help others, show up with purpose and not play small... BUT that literally wasn’t who I was on the inside even though I consciously thought I was. That is the power of the subconscious mind.

It wants to protect us and if old patterns and responses kept us “alive” and “safe” then those are the same patterns and responses we will run on repeat and keep us stuck without even realizing it, until you go in and make some adjustments. 

Learning to communicate and reprogram my own mind empowered me to truly heal the wounds from the past, recover from perfectionism and people pleasing, remove limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging tendencies, be wayyy more confident and thrive as my next level self in the present... and now, the future truly is unlimited!

THE IRONY of healing, EVOLVING and creating the life you truly desire is that in many ways, it requires the opposite response/PROGRAMMING THAT KEPT YOU SAFE IN THE PAST.


my work

After creating beautiful results in my life and business doing the inner work and allowing my intuition to guide my way, I knew I had to introduce some of the magical modalities I had studied, embodied, and mastered with my clients.

I help soul-driven leaders, coaches, healers, light workers + entrepreneurs shift the programming of their mind, body + energy to align with their soul's purpose so they can achieve ultimate freedom from their past and step into their next level self - embodying leadership + abundance and activating inner wisdom to manifest whatever they desire.

I utilize NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Breathwork, Reiki, intuitive biz strategy, energetics, spirituality + neuroscience to support my clients + students through personal and business transformations in my coaching and certification experiences.

💛 Neuro Linguistic Programming
💛 Clinical Hypnotherapy
💛 Success + Life Coaching
💛 Emotional Freedom Techniques
💛 TIME Techniques™
💛 Reiki




💖 Breathwork Facilitator
💖 Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner
💖 Gene Keys Guide
💖 Kundalini Yoga Facilitator
💖 Trauma-Informed Practitioner
💖 Somatics Practitioner
💖 Sound Healing Facilitator