Hiring a coach for your business (and/or your life) is worth every cent!! Here is why working with a coach is the BEST business investment you can make!

Hey there! I hear that you are thinking of hiring a Business Coach, but you aren’t really sure if it is worth the investment (since you don’t have tons of money coming in from your biz just yet)?

I used to have the same exact concern – THEN I hired a coach and EVERYTHING CHANGED IN THE BEST WAYS POSSIBLE!

Bottom line, hiring a coach can only help you!

I mean, look at professional singers, dancers, athletes, performers…they ALL HAVE COACHES!

So if you’re an entrepreneur, a professional of any kind, even if you work a 9-5 and have BIG goals you want to achieve in your career, I truly believe that a Life and/or Business Coach can really help you up-level your game!

It took me far too long to realize that I needed help with my business. I was signing up for every webinar and freebie I could find, concocting my own version of a strategy that was keeping me stuck and running in circles.

I needed to work with someone who understood what I was trying to accomplish and could advise on the route to take to get there.

A coach was EXACTLY what I needed. And they don’t just ‘help’ you, they support you, guide you, ask you important questions you didn’t think to ask yourself and my favorite…they hold you accountable!

SIDE NOTE: You can work a Business Coach in different ways, but usually the options are:

  • a one-on-one single session to help you with a specific transformation
  • a more ongoing relationship where the 1:1 coaching continues over an agreed to amount of time
  • a group coaching program (may still have 1:1 support but majority of the sessions are in a group setting)

I have done them all, and believe they are all super helpful in their own ways. No matter which type of coaching style you choose…I know your investment will quickly pay for itself!]

Here is why working with a coach is the BEST business investment you can make:


you can’t do it all on your own

The entrepreneurial path can be such a lonely one. In a lot of cases, all your family and friends don’t really understand what it is you are trying to do.

Even your significant other can be left confused after your latest rant about the Instagram algorithm change, and you just crave someone to talk to about ALLLLL the business-y things!

I love working with a coach because you get to have someone in your life where you can talk about what is going on in your business and THEY ACTUALLY GET IT! They’ve been in your shoes!

You don’t have to feel guilty for rambling on and on about your business to the people in your life who really don’t get what you are doing AND are not interested in talking about it all day errr’day (LOL).

It is hard to find peeps to talk to about your business sometimes if you don’t have fellow entrepreneurs (especially solopreneurs) in your direct circle of friends/peers.

And if you do a group coaching program, or join your coach’s facebook group etc, you will have an entire tribe/network of like-minded peeps! #heckyah


it’s great to get advice from someone who has been there

You can save sooooo much time and energy by letting someone who has succeeded at your, same or similar, goals walk you through how they did it. What took them YEARS to do can be shortened into months or weeks, thanks to their guidance!

A Business Coach can also give you insights that you may not have thought of. Strategies you didn’t think could help you, or even just a different way of doing something you were spending a ton of time on.

They can totally help you learn something new, identity existing problems, help you come up with creative solutions etc, like a goal-getting partner!

Sometimes it even helps to just have someone who will challenge you, who knows strategies that will help you up-level. Because even if your business is successful already, it will not continue to grow unless you do.

A coach can really help you determine where you need help and where are you getting stuck too. We often stand in our own way so much but can’t see ‘how’ clearly.

Maybe you are holding yourself back with mindset issues, limiting beliefs about not being ready, or fear and resistance is blocking you from doing what you know you should be doing.

Perhaps you feel like you don’t know enough and/or are battling that you aren’t worthy of helping others with your business. Even if you have some tools that help sometimes, having someone there to walk you through it makes the entire process that much easier!

Hiring a coach for your business (and/or your life) is worth every cent!! Here is why working with a coach is the BEST business investment you can make!

I’d LOVE to help you up-level your business m’dear! Book a FREE call with me today and let’s see if I am the best coach for you! 😀

it’s like you have a cheerleader in your pocket

My entrepreneurial journey has been quite lonely. Can you relate? Long hours spent at my desk, friends and fam not understanding what I do all day or why you I’m “busy” all the time when I get to “work from home.”

I was lucky enough to have one AMAZING friend who took the entrepreneurial leap at the same time as I did, but even then, you sometimes just need someone fully dedicated to your success.

Hiring a coach made me feel like I had a support system! Almost like a cheerleader in my pocket at all times!

When the limiting beliefs try to stand in my way, they help me stay positive and face my fears head on! They help me stay on course and focus on my goals.

They provide clarity by asking questions and suggesting strategic steps, all while cheering me on and keeping me motivated!


accountability partner? yes please!

This is my favorite part of having a coach. I get soooooooooooooo much more accomplished when I tell someone else about it! I don’t want to let that person down, so I get everything completed that I say I will!

Having a coach to regularly check in with has been one of the biggest game changers for my business. They ask questions you tend to forget to ask yourself:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What am I trying to achieve?
  • What am I trying to build, create, launch?

A coach checks in and keeps you focused on your goals. They help you evolve those goals, and make sure you stay on track.


I am beyond grateful that I invested in coaching for myself and for my business! As a successful coach, I can’t believe how long I waited and I hope you don’t do the same!

I would love to work with you to take your business (and life) to the next level…



Thanks so much for reading by m’dear! Have you ever worked with a Business Coach before? I would LOVE to hear about your experience in the comments below!

Cheers to growing that amazing biz of yours! *HUGS* – Amy


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