Here is a list of specific problems or bad habits hypnosis can solve, but I guarantee I am missing some bc the possibilities are actually UNLIMITED!

In case you haven’t seen allll my other blog posts about hypnotherapy…I just LOVE it!!!

It is one of my favorite tools to use with my life and business coaching clients to make a HUGE change at an identity level in an INSTANT!

I have been getting a lot of questions lately though, about what the heck hypnotherapy can be used for.

You can eliminate unwanted habits, unhealthy ways of being, and some of their most detrimental limiting beliefs with this AMAZING tool!

So, here is a list of all of the problems that hypnosis can solve for you:

To sum it up, hypnotherapy can solve any specific problem or bad habit that you want to say goodbye to. I know that sounds a bit vague (hence why I am writing this article heehee), but it really is true!

You see, hypnosis helps you make an instant shift in your subconscious mind to change a habit at an identity level. When we try to change habits on our own we try to use repetition and often times fail.

A perfect example of this is going to the gym.

We say we want to go daily, we have every intent of going, but after one week or even just a few days we revert back into our old pattern of NOT going to the gym. WHY?!

It is because we need to BE someone that goes to the gym. At an identity level that needs to BE who we are. You can consciously force this to happen by doing it every day until it sticks (has that worked for you in the past?) OR you can make the shift subconsciously and have it instantly happen.


Here is a list of specific problems or bad habits hypnosis can solve, but I guarantee I am missing some bc the possibilities are actually UNLIMITED!

Give me a call on the Amy Hates Carrots Hypnosis Hotline anytime! 😀

Here is a list of specific problems or bad habits hypnosis can shift, but I guarantee I am missing some bc the possibilities are actually UNLIMITED.


To Remove Procrastination or Lack of Motivation

If you find yourself constantly putting things off until later and sometimes not even knowing where to begin with a project, shifting from someone who procrastinates to someone who is motivated is simple with hypnosis.

I have used this for clients who couldn’t even believe the results! The amount of work they completed in the first week alone was such a game changer. Now they feel ahead of schedule on the regular…talk about a breath of fresh air!

To Increase Confidence

I used to be super shy, not confident in what I created for my business and overall just a people pleaser in general. Hypnosis helped me BEcome the confident business owner I am today.

I have also helped fellow entrepreneurs gain confidence in specific areas of their business, like public speaking, being more assertive, being more outgoing or showing up on social media/live recordings for example. Hypnosis is such a fabulous business tool to use to uplevel your business!

To Become More Organized

Imagine feeling like things are in order and everything is in its place…ya know like Marie Kondo just did a remodel on your living and working space? Hypnosis can help you do just that!

I have helped even the most unorganized of clients, shift to naturally BEing organized. Long gone are their days of feeling overwhelmed by their stuff and the pressure of keeping their space tidy…they simply are an organized person now.

To Better Your Money Relationship

So many financial problems we face are related to the limiting beliefs we carry related to money. Old mindset blocks that we picked up in our childhood and throughout our life that no longer serve us and actually prevent us from living a life of abundance!

Hypnosis can help shift this negative money relationship and the detrimental limiting beliefs we are holding onto. Shift from a place of lack to BEing abundant by making a shift in your subconscious mind.

To Manifest Your Goals + Dreams

A huge part of manifestation is visualization. Our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between real and imagined.

Therefore, by putting ourself in the future visual we desire, we show our mind that it is possible. It becomes more real, more familiar and thus less fearful and less unknown.

Doing this during the hypnosis trance state expedites this process because we are connecting to our visualization instantly with our subconscious mind. This is one of my FAV ways to use hypnosis!

For Nail Bitting, Tics, Stuttering + Nervous Tendencies

Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool to help reduce symptoms and to uncover issues that may be causing almost any habit or disorder.

Often times, the hypnotherapist will work with you to get to the root of the problem. Once identified hypnosis can help to treat the disorder and create positive change.

For Skin Issues Including Acne

When you first begin your hypnotherapy session with me I walk you through everything we are going to do, how hypnosis works, how it feels and we do a couple super fun lil’ experiments.

I ask you to close you eyes imagine the imagery I verbally am describing. In doing so, you see first hand that your body reacts to what your mind produces.

In fact, your body doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined because your mind is THAT POWERFUL! Because of this, we can have your subconscious mind imagine any result you desire and your body will react biochemically! It really is so AMAZING!

This is how hypnosis is able to make changes to your physical/biochemical body, including skin issues!

To Relieve Anxiety

Hypnosis is a powerful technique for dealing with or relieving anxiety. It can help you change the way you respond to stress and therefore relieve anxiety. Reprograming you mind really can put you back in control. It. Is. Awesome!!

For Pain Management

Research has shown hypnosis to be an effective way to reduce acute AND chronic pain.

“Studies going back to 1996 show the value of hypnosis in reducing cancer pain, and it has proven equally as effective with pain related to burns, rheumatoid arthritis, and the pain and anxiety associated with surgery.” [source]

To Manage and/or Control Weight

Hypnosis is a fabulous way to reprogram how we feel about our body physically. If you want to work out more and eat better and you keep trying and trying without results, that is because it is NOT who you are just yet. Shifting at an identity level to someone who LOVES to workout and ENJOYS eating healthy is the power that hypnotherapy offers.

This includes overeating, eating for boredom or stress, drinking enough water, specific cravings, over-snacking, and sugar or soft drink addiction.

For Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy is one of the best proven ways to shift from being a smoker to a non-smoker. It proves that even if a bad habit has been around for YEARS of someone’s life, it is still possible to instantly make a shift.

I am honored to have helped clients who have wanted to quit smoking for soooooo long without success. Seeing them become the healthier version of themselves, free from cigarettes is just the BEST!!!

To Enable Hypnobirthing

“There’s no getting away from it. Giving birth is painful. Pain produces stress hormones, increased heartbeat, and pushes blood to the arms and legs and away from the uterus, causing even more pain.

And it’s obviously impossible to be in this flight-or-fight mode and to be relaxed at the same time.

That’s why many people, including celebrity moms Jessica Alba and Tiffani Thiessen, are turning to hypnobirthing as a way of coping with the pain and making it less intrusive during the process.

The idea is to replace the fear and stress with relaxation, releasing a different set of chemicals such as endorphins that relax the muscles and act as an analgesic to relieve pain.” [source]

To Help Manage Stress

“Stress seems to be a modern day ailment associated with the busy lifestyles that many of us now lead.

Stress can lead to worry, headaches, migraine, ulcers, stroke, anxiety, OCD and many, many more unwanted conditions which is why it is essential that we learn how to deal with it effectively.

Whilst we are often unable to do anything about what we perceive to be the cause of our stress, what we are able to do is to change our internal response.” [source] And that is exactly how hypnosis can help.

To Fight Fears or Phobias

Fears and phobias are conditioned responses that present themselves in the form of heightened anxiety in given situations.

Hypnosis can teach your subconscious to respond differently when faced with something you perceive as dangerous or feel anxiety towards.


*IMPORTANT*:  If you have been diagnosed with a condition it is super important to consult a physician before receiving hypnotherapy as a form of treatment. Especially for the following:

  • Pain control. Hypnosis may help with pain due to burns, cancer, childbirth, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, temporomandibular joint problems, dental procedures and headaches.
  • Cancer treatment side effects. Hypnosis has been used to ease side effects related to chemotherapy or radiation treatment.
  • Mental health conditions. Hypnosis may help treat symptoms of anxiety, phobias and post-traumatic stress.


Here is a list of specific problems or bad habits hypnosis can solve, but I guarantee I am missing some bc the possibilities are actually UNLIMITED!

Give me a call on the Amy Hates Carrots Hypnosis Hotline anytime! 😀


Hypnosis is such a valuable therapeutic tool that really works and that can be used for an endless range of issues. I feel so honored to help others live a better life with this amazing modality!!

CLICK HERE to learn more about booking 1:1 coaching session and/or hypnotherapy session with me. Or let’s chat on a FREE discovery call to see if hypnotherapy is the perfect solution for you.

Thanks so much for reading by m’dear! Have you ever tried hypnosis before? I’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments below!

Happy Hypnosis-ing! *HUGS* – Amy


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