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Hello m’dear! Welcome to episode 1 of the the Unlock Your Limitless Potential Podcast!!

I am your host Amy Moore, also known in the online space as Amy Hates Carrots, and I am so honored that you are here tuning in to this podcast.

I wanted to create a short introduction episode so you know who the heck I am and what the heck this podcast is all about…


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The Problem We May Share

So, if you’re like me, perhaps you spend a lot of time seeking positive change for your life or working towards new outcomes or goals you have – and perhaps you can’t quite seem to create the shifts that you’ve been desiring to create. The reality you want. And when you create positive changes it is difficult to have them stick around long term.

It took me a long time to see that this issue, for me, it was all rooted in the chasing of things outside of myself.

See, I actually love real carrots, they are delicious, I eat them regularly – but Amy Hates Carrots is a metaphor for chasing things outside of ourselves and expecting them to change how we feel and who we are.

When we chase these carrots we are listening to only our ego and thinking that the next accomplishment, the next goal, the next thing will finally help us feel a certain way and give our inner world what it has been needing.

After years and years of chasing carrots, which by the way is very easy to do and I even to this day fall back into that sometimes – which is why checking in with ourselves regularly is so important…but I spent so long chasing all these ego-driven carrots…

And always searching for things outside of myself and looking for the next thing that would bring me happiness, peace, safety, worthiness, love, success etc.

  • So maybe once I finally got that promotion at my job (the infamous climbing the corporate ladder carrot) THEN I would feel safe.
  • Or maybe once I received that degree or certification then I would feel like I was enough.
  • Maybe once I finally had that dream relationship I would finally FEEL happy.
  • Once I hit that monthly income in my business then maybe I will finally feel secure. Or once I buy my dream home then I will finally feel worthy.

While all of these goals or desires can be wonderful accomplishments to pursue and take action towards – they don’t actually deliver what we think with our conscious mind and with our ego that they will deliver.

And so I would receive carrot after carrot over the years and yet nothing really changed bc they would just leave me feeling empty. And leave me wanting more and more bc no carrot was truly fulfilling.


Don’t Worry, There Is A Solution

It wasn’t until I finally went within and reconnected with my soul and began understanding and listening to my own inner world and hearing what it was calling me towards. Because it wanted to feel seen, and heard and worthy and enough and loved and supported and safe and secure but only I can provide myself with those things. Nothing outside of ourselves can.

And when we realize that and begin our journey of healing and expansion…that is when we can receive all of those awesome goals and desires with so much more ease because our reality is simply a reflection of what is happening within us.

My Journey That Led Me Here

I’m gunna dive a little deeper with this by explaining my business journey…

Amy Hates Carrots was started back in 2014. And since then, I have shifted a lot in my business and how I serve others over the years – I went from inspirational travel blogger to website designer to biz strategist to mindset coach and found that no matter how much aligned strategy or tools or  resources I applied, I wasn’t getting the outcomes I desired for myself or in how I supported my clients.

I could work with the most ambitious of entrepreneurs who had big dreams and plans but unless their inner world believed those results were possible – there wasn’t a lot I could do to support them in achieving them.

I found that they would conscious say all the things they wanted and all the action they were going to take but week after week they would self sabotage their own results…almost like they were working against themselves. And the same went for me and my own business. I was following the same patterns and my clients were such a big beautiful mirror for me, as they always are right? Our inner world determines our outer results.

Our beliefs, our values, our identity are going to decide what is safe to receive and what is not.

The Solution That Helped Me (+ My Clients)

It really wasn’t until I dove into the world of mindset, energetic, inner work and healing and lots of awesome modalities within those, that I was able to create change at a deep subconscious level that I finally could facilitate immediate and lasting transformations for myself and for others.

I believe that the key to creating what you want in life is understanding your inner world – and working with your own subconscious mind, your energy, your body, and your own soul and creating shifts so that they can work FOR you rather than against you.

It isn’t that these things WANT to work against us…they don’t. They want what is best for us. They just to keep us safe.

There are so many components of us that are very primitive in the sense that their main goal is our survival. To word it very simply they just don’t want us to die. And they can be so dramatic in the sense that, what they think is dangerous is so different than what our conscious, human, thinking mind believes is dangerous.

And so much of what used to help us survive, the programs that were put in place that helped us survive in our past are the very things that are now preventing us from thriving as the adult we want to be now in the present. So in many ways we are the only thing preventing us from getting what we want.

We Are So Dang Powerful!

It is ridiculous to me that we all have the most powerful tools ever (our mind, our body, our energy, our soul, and feel free to use whatever words resonate with you) and yet, are never taught how to properly use them or how to listen to what they are calling us to.

Unfortunately, we ARE taught how to turn the volume down on them, to ignore our own intuition, and just do all the things that we “should” do. We should all over ourselves. Combine that with all the distractions in our world and it is no wonder that there is so much internal resistance inside of us – blocking us from the very things we want.

AHC Podcast | The Unlock Your Limitless Potential Podcast with Amy Hates Carrots


Who I Am (Who Is Your Podcast Host?)

And so… That is why I have been called to do what I am doing, I am so passionate about empowering others to discover that they are limitless.

YOU ARE LIMITLESS and you are because everything you need is already within you now – all the answers you seek are within you now!

You just may need some support with the process, understanding on how to turn the volume back up on your powerful tools + guidance with how to tap into them.

So who am I? I am Amy Moore – a Mindset Coach + Business Mentor, and Trainer of a handful of modalities that work with the subconscious mind and inner world including: NLP, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success/Life Coaching, Reiki + Time Techniques™, beyond quantum healing, gene keys, trauma releasing, and breathwork.

And as a human design projector I love learning so this list is always growing and expanding to support my own healing and growth and to support others in their journey. I love nature and travel and I’m obsessed with exploring our gorgeous world and all the infinite information and possibilities that surround us, always.

And I truly believe that we each have a unique glowing sparkling light inside of us, and by sharing them with each other, love spreads in the most positive ripple effect imaginable.


My Mission + Work In This World

My mission is to help amazing people, like you, create a m(o)ore intentional life that fuels their soul and follows their heart instead of their carrot-chasing ego.

I guide soul-driven leaders, coaches, healers, light workers + entrepreneurs to shift their inner programming, and align with their soul’s purpose, so they can achieve ultimate freedom from their past, embody leadership + abundance, and activate the inner wisdom, that’s already within them, and to manifest whatever they desire.


What To Expect With This Podcast

And so that is ultimately what this podcast will be all about – unlocking the limitless potential that is already inside of you by learning about your inner world, understanding how to create the reality you want, how to make decisions that support your truest most limitless self, and how to create positive and lasting change in your life and your soul-driven business if you have one.

Here, you’ll be invited to tune in for solo episodes with me about all of this and awesome deep conversations with guest experts on all the juicy topics like…

Self mastery, spiritual development, inner healing, subconscious reprogramming, personal transformation and expansion, energy work, somatics, aligned business strategy and so much more.

And this is all so that, the journey towards your goals and desired outcomes gets to feel fun, full of joy and play, and we all have beautiful unique versions of what that looks and feels like for us specifically so it’s important to develop that self-awareness of what brings us the most joy and design a day-to-day lifestyle that supports that and really meets us at current chapter of life that that we are in.


Tune In + Subscribe If You’re Ready To…

💖STOP chasing things outside of yourself (aka dangling carrots)

💖START aligning with what your soul, your heart, your highest self or use whatever words you prefer is calling you to instead?

💖LEARN how your mind, body + energy can work FOR YOU?

💖DISCOVER how LIMITLESS you already are?!

Then be sure to tune in for future episodes and subscribe to this podcast.


I Invite You To Dive Deeper Now…

You may also visit for up-to-date info on my free and paid offers anytime AND if you are ready to take inspired action right now I have a free Unlock Your Limitless Potential 3 part training you can grab.

It is self paced and ready for you to begin anytime…and it will support you in learning how your subconscious mind works, steps you can take to know what your current programming is and begin tapping into your limitless-ness right now.


Thanks so much for listening in, I am so dang grateful that you stopped by, I am sending you so much love and I will see you in the next episode.


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