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Often times we focus on only one aspect of our lives when thinking about what we want, BUT there are 5 main goal setting categories you should be including for a balanced dream life.

Goal setting (and goal getting) is my JAM! 🙂

Since I was a wee little girl, I used to plan out my goals each and every day (for real)! Over the years I have fine tuned this process and locked in the most successful way to achieve all my desired outcomes.

And now, as a Life and Business Coach, I LOVE helping clients achieve their HUGE goals in all of life’s categories!

Often times we focus on only one aspect of our lives when thinking about what we want, BUT there are actually 5 main categories we need to be including (and balancing) when dreaming BIG.

Here are the 5 goal setting categories you must include for a balanced dream life:


1 spiritual + personal growth

Spiritual growth could include anything related to your religion or spirituality, your life’s purpose, what inspires you and connects you on a deeper level.

Personal growth might be anything in relation to what you want to learn, read, research. Your values, self esteem, characteristics and overall fulfillment in life.

I LOVE to travel and I grow both personally and spiritually from my explorations so I include my travel goals in this category too. As well as any new experiences.

The thing to remember is you make your own rules – if the category topic sparks something for you, just go with it!

Questions you can ask yourself when setting goals for spiritual + personal growth:

What do I need more of in my life? What do I need to let go of (including limiting beliefs that might be holding me back)? List 5 things I can do this year to leave my comfort zone?


2 health + wellness

Take in to account anything you think of in relation to feeling healthy for this category. Including your physical body and nutrition (food intake, water consumption), sleep habits but also your stress levels, healing journey and overall mind-body wellness.

I like to include meditation, mindset work, time spent outdoors, self care, self worth and self love in this category too!

Questions you can ask yourself when setting goals for health + wellness:

How is you physical body feeling these days? How much stress is in your life? What does feeling healthy look like for you? What unhealthy habits can I let go of?


Often times we focus on only one aspect of our lives when thinking about what we want, BUT there are 5 main goal setting categories you should be including for a balanced dream life.

3 key relationships

Think about all of the key relationships in your life and really dive deep with goals that you want to set for each one. You could choose a specific person to focus on weekly or monthly, or even a category by season (IE friends for the summer, family for the fall, romantic relationship in winter).

The point here is to remind yourself that relationships are an important part of living a balanced life…family, friendships, community and even with the environment.

Questions you can ask yourself when setting goals for key relationships:

Which relationships are the most important to me? Are there boundaries I need to set (or revisit)?

Are there relationships that are no longer serving me/my greatest good that I can choose to let go of with love?


4 career + business

What are your BIG dreams when it comes to your career or business? Often times, this category becomes a financial goal category as we technically work to receive income in theory. So take a minute to determine what your career/biz goals are and leave money aside for later.

No matter which jobs or work experience you have had so far in life, dream really big here and decide what an ideal career/business looks like for you.

And for my fabulous change makers out there, creating businesses and services to help others – DREAM EXTRA BIG! Don’t limit yourself on HOW you can help others. Really push the envelope and see what awesome goals pops up!

Questions you can ask yourself when setting goals for career + business:

What does your DREAM work day look like? Do you work for yourself or for someone else? Are you at a home office or surrounded by awesome coworkers?

What would I LOVE to do to where it wouldn’t really feel like work? What am I often complimented for/what are my natural talents that I can apply to my career/biz goals? If money wasn’t an issue, what would my ideal work life be?


5 finance + abundance

Ah yes, money. This is very often a goal on everyone’s list. And it is an important one, because with financial freedom you get to do wonderful things with the other categories here. You can help others in bigger ways for example.

Abundance is the opposite of lack. Abundance may already be flowing all around you, just not in the way you think…you might be rich in knowledge, laughter, adventure love, and/or peace.

Rather than setting goals from a place of lack choose to be grateful for all that you have now and allow more to come your way in return. Whatever abundance means to you, what does an abundant life look like to you?

Questions you can ask yourself when setting goals for finance + abundance:

What is already abundant in my life that I should take a moment to be grateful for? What does financial freedom look like for me? How can I give back in ways that feel amazing?


These are some additional categories you can add too: Personal Development, Spirituality, Fun + Enjoyment, Sexuality, Partnership, Friends + Family, and Home Environment


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Thanks so much for stopping by m’dear! If you have any questions about goal setting or goal gettin’ please let me know in the comments below.

And be sure to click here to check out my coaching options here 🙂

*HUGS* – Amy


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