In the ever-expanding landscape of holistic healing, Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) stands out as a transformative modality that takes individuals on a profound journey into the depths of their consciousness.

If you’re considering a BQH session or simply curious about what this experience entails, join us as we navigate the quantum realms in this step-by-step guide.


Understanding Beyond Quantum Healing:

Beyond Quantum Healing is rooted in the principles of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and was developed by the experienced practitioner Candace Craw-Goldman. Unlike traditional hypnosis, BQH goes beyond the limitations of individual healing by tapping into the multidimensional nature of consciousness.


Step 1: Initial Consultation:

The journey begins with an initial consultation between the practitioner and the client. This is a crucial step where the client discusses their intentions, questions, and areas of focus for the session. The practitioner establishes a connection and sets the stage for a safe and open exploration of the client’s consciousness.

Step 2: Induction and Relaxation:

Similar to traditional hypnosis, the BQH session involves guiding the client into a deep state of relaxation. Through a combination of breathwork and visualization, the client reaches a state where the conscious mind begins to quiet, allowing access to the deeper layers of the subconscious and higher self.

Step 3: Connection with the Higher Self:

A hallmark of Beyond Quantum Healing is the emphasis on connecting with the higher self. This eternal, wise aspect of the individual transcends time and space, offering profound insights and guidance. The practitioner facilitates this connection, allowing the client to access a higher perspective on their life, challenges, and purpose.

Step 4: Exploration of Past Lives and Multidimensional Realms:

BQH often involves a journey through past lives and other multidimensional realms. The client may gain insights into previous lifetimes, understanding the lessons learned and how they relate to the present. This exploration provides a broader context for current life challenges and facilitates healing on a deep level.

Step 5: Integration of Healing Energies:

Energy healing is a fundamental aspect of BQH. The practitioner may work with the client’s energy field to clear blockages, release stagnant energy, and promote overall well-being. This integration of healing energies supports the client in their journey toward balance and harmony.

Step 6: Closing and Integration:

As the BQH session concludes, the practitioner guides the client back to a state of full awareness. The experiences and insights gained during the session are discussed, and the client is encouraged to reflect on the integration of these discoveries into their daily life.


Want To Experience Beyond Quantum Healing?

Navigating the quantum realms with Beyond Quantum Healing is a unique and transformative experience. By following this step-by-step guide, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the process and the potential for profound healing and self-discovery.

Whether you’re embarking on your first BQH session or simply curious about the modality, the exploration of the quantum realms awaits, offering a journey into the vast expanses of consciousness.

If you want to experience BQH for yourself, you can book a 1:1 session with Amy HERE or contact the AHC Team to learn of any upcoming online group events.
Uncover the intricacies of Beyond Quantum Healing with our step-by-step guide, providing a detailed walkthrough of the BQH process—from the initial consultation to the profound exploration of the quantum realms.


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