As women, we weren't built to be SUPER productive every single day, despite our efforts. This article breaks down how to use your hormones/female super powers to your benefit!

I am in absolute shock that I am JUST NOW LEARNING how to use my female hormones to be more productive in my business and my life! Why isn’t this super important info being shouted from the rooftops?! It is just crazy!

Did you know that, as a woman, we are not setup to thrive with a 24 hour cycle? Instead, our bodies are setup on a 28 day schedule!


That means that we have 4 weeks each month that our insides are reacting VERY differently to everything we choose to do and think! Yup! It’s true!

So if I want to be crazy productive every single day and work and work and work to do so…there are ONLY certain days and weeks where that will have better results regardless of my efforts!

Mind-blowing right?! Let me break it down for ya…

Disclaimer…I am NOT being a hater on dudes nor corporations BUT this will make soooo much sense when you think about it…dudes invented the corporate work place! They were quite clever because they did what works best for them, as they should!

Their hormones sky rocket in the morning so it is no prob to have an early morning meeting (assuming they didn’t stay up all night). They got hungry in the middle of the day thus lunch time was created, AND THEN needed a social pick-me-up later in the day…BOOM, happy hour was invented! All hormonally speaking that is.

Women weren’t invited to even enter the workplace until much later. And what did we do? Try to make this same schedule work for us and get mad at OURSELVES when it didn’t. You’re not trying hard enough. You aren’t doing enough. You need to do more and sleep less! Ya know, all the not-so-nice things we tell ourselves on the regular?!

It is time to rearrange this a bit fo’ sure! Let’s figure out what works for you with this new info and watch the amazing-ness of productivity explode!


Here is a quick breakdown of our ‘weekly’ cycles

and how to apply it to your day-to-day + goal planning in general:

1 – The Menstrual Phase [3-7 days]

THIS IS MY FAV! This is the time to plan, as if it was New Year’s Eve and you have a big new shiny year ahead! What in your life do you love right now and how do you get more/continue that? What needs to change or needs improvement?

You are flying at a high altitude here, looking down at your life’s big picture. Think deeply about what you want during this time and reflect on what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past.

Journaling, inner reflection and lots of napping are TOTALLY approved during this time! In fact, pushing your body and doing strenuous exercise during this time won’t benefit you at all.

ANYTHING is possible, so dream big during this time!


2 – The Follicular Phase [7-10 days]

This is when you start to think about new beginnings. What are you working more towards? What do you want more of in your life? Be open to new things and start to make some decisions that put action behind what it is you want.

Brainstorm. Set intentions. Be creative. Say yes to new opportunities.

Take the first step or two in the direction of your dreams.


3 – The Ovulation Phase [3-5 days]

It’s convo time! Talk to people and tell them what you want. Connect with others and be social during this time. It is the time to do even more to make your dreams a reality.

Communicate all your thoughts [because you are extra great at this right now]. Network and collaborate. Find ways to connect with others.

This is also a great time to do all the exercise you want because there is extra energy to burn!

Put more UMPH behind your actions and involve others!


4 – The Luteal Phase [10-14 days]

This one is divided into two parts, the first will be a more energetic time to spend with others and the later is to focus on just you. Set boundaries and protect your energy to avoid being irritated by others.

The first half: be social. Complete alllll those projects of yours. Get nice n’ organized. Stay focused and you will get soooo much accomplished.

The second half: switch your focus to more self care and self love. Set boundaries for yourself and your energy and be sure to stick to them. If you feel like exercising, keep it on the more mellow side to allow your body to do what it needs.

It is okay to lay low this week, take some time to chill and protect your vibes!


Did you know that you have female SUPER POWERS?! Well, you do! And if you learn how to use them you can be less stressed and more productive on the regular! #heckyah #girlpower

Planning my month based on my cycle has helped me grow my business, be more efficient with my time and energy AND be more in tune with what my body needs!

Crazy right?!

Are you like me and have been doing this backwards your whole life? Here are some awesome resources that I love now that I KNOW about all this!

Be sure to download the app:  MyFLO Period Tracker – Flo Living

It  actually tracks your cycle for you and gives you recommendations based on how you feel! It seriously is so handy and reasonably priced [I use it every day now, and feel like I am the most in-tune with my body that I ever have been in my LIFE]!

And, if you want more hormone info, the creator of the app [Alisa Vitti] is also the author of: WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source. This book even describes what to eat during each cycle to really feel your best, provides tons of information on how your hormones work, and what they need!

Do whatever you need to do to learn more about your body and scientifically what it needs, then add a dash of that beautiful intuition of yours and you will feel sooooooooooo much better, I promise!


Cheers to you, beautiful lady you! Let’s spread the word about our super powers to all our girlfriends and lets help educate each other!

Life CAN BE so much simpler than we have been making it, if we listen to our bodies and the inner voice that we always silence out of necessity.

*Girl Power High Five* -Amy


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