Guidelines For Interacting In the Limitless Method + Amy Hates Carrots Communities


The Limitless Method (and Amy Hates Carrots) was created to create an impact in the lives of all humankind. To remind the world that they are truly LIMITLESS and that life can be as expansive as our thoughts and imagination.

We create empowering, inspiring and proof-backed content that helps people empower themselves, trust their intuition, live a fully expressed life as their truest self and align with their highest potential.


At The Limitless Method (and Amy Hates Carrots), we aim to teach, and show others that by using the power of their mind, energy and love, everything and anything is possible and their desires lead them to your highest potential.

This group is aligned with our mission, and is designed to foster a safe space for respectful and civilized conversation that honors each of our members. This group is moderated by The Limitless Method (and Amy Hates Carrots) team members who believe in the importance of respectfully supporting each and every one of your journeys.

Please note that if you do not see your post on our feed, it may have been found to be not in alignment with our guidelines and rules. Please become familiar with the guidelines and rules that follow to help us keep the momentum positive and climate supportive for this group. For questions, please contact


All posts are subject to the approval of the admin team prior to posting to ensure they align with the spirit and intent of our safe space guidelines.

1) Please step into this community with a willingness to connect and serve at the highest level. Before you post on behalf of your business, consider embodying an abundant mindset, and ask yourself how the post will impact your relationships with your fellow community members, and whether your post serves the group or your business only. Please refrain from submitting posts with the intention to sell to fellow members in the DMs. Tap into your integrity at every step. Please refrain from sharing posts that only benefit your business, that engage in testimonial exchanges that are not aligned with your integrity as a confident, abundant coach.

2) Please refrain from participating in gossip or triangulation. In this community, we hold space for each other, see the best in each other, and put our most authentic selves forward at all times.

3) Please refrain from any type of hate speech or bullying. We believe in the power of restorative justice through community dialogue. Immediate removal from the group will result from commentary or posts that contribute to racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, fatphobia, or ableism. You are welcome to reach out to Admins if you have any questions and/or concerns.

4) If, beyond the topics listed above, you would like to discuss a potentially sensitive topic that could be triggering or re-traumatizing to another, please include a content or trigger warning on any post that includes the discussion of certain specific, sensitive topics. For example, please write “trigger warning” or “content warning” to give notice to your fellow group members of content that might elicit a strong or potentially harmful emotional response. It is important to use such warnings because it helps our members feel better prepared and allow them the opportunity to forego certain content that may trigger a trauma response or re-traumatization.

5) Please use inclusive non-appropriative language including gender-inclusivity (such as folks, people, community, and so forth.)

6) We learn WITH and FROM each other. When interacting via posts, introduce yourself, ask questions, share what you’re working on, challenges, wins, fun stories – we emphasize the power of connection and authentic engagement. When in a video session like a live training or technique mastery call, please contribute your full energy to the group by turning on your camera when appropriate, and turning on (and off) your microphone when appropriate.

7) Please protect your privacy and the privacy of others by refraining from the public sharing of identifying information (including mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers).

8) While taking screenshots during our recorded Zoom calls are encouraged, please refrain from screenshots involving group activity within this private Facebook group without member(s)’ permission.

9) Please report any abusive content to our team at to facilitate the content’s removal, rather than engaging the group member who posted that content.

10) Finally, please be polite and courteous in all communications with all members. Advice, constructive criticism, and healthy disagreements may arise, but please refrain from personal attacks, hurtful comments, or harassing members no matter the situation.

11) We are here for you, and it’s important that you advocate for yourself. We empower you to ask the questions you have, and remember that you are a coach now, and it’s important to know that means speaking up and sharing what’s on your heart.

Thank you for your support and cooperation as The Limitless Method (and Amy Hates Carrots) works to create safe spaces within the realm of coaching. Please note that breaking these guidelines once will result in a warning from our team, and breaking these guidelines twice will may result in removal from this group.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns by e-mailing our team at