Welcome to episode 12 of the the Unlock Your Limitless Potential Podcast!!

I am your host Amy Moore, also known in the online space as Amy Hates Carrots, and I am so honored that you are here tuning in to this podcast. Listen to the podcast here:

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Welcome back to another episode of the Unlock Your Limitless Potential podcast!

Today Amy is joined by Ella Tsang, a remarkable Truth Embodiment Coach, NLP Trainer, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Ella’s profound work revolves around guiding individuals like you to delve deep into their essence, fully embody their truth, and authentically express themselves in both their lives and their online presence.

For the past year, Ella has been a source of mentorship, guidance, and coaching in Amy’s own journey, and can confidently attest that her embodiment of her work is unparalleled! She radiates a profound love for oneself, a genuine passion for falling in love with life, and an unwavering commitment to rediscovering your truest self—the essence of who you really are.

During our conversation, we will explore a myriad of fascinating topics. Ella will unravel the mysteries of Kundalini, sharing her own personal journey of how this profound force found her and how the call of Shakti resonated deeply within her soul. We will delve into the realms of Kundalini awakenings and transformations, developing unconditional love for oneself and others, and navigating emotional pain and challenges with authenticity and grace—learning to find comfort in the uncomfortable.

Prepare to be captivated as Ella enlightens us about Kundalini activations, shares her personal journey with family, and celebrates the remarkable news that her father is officially cancer-free. We will also venture into the realm of the Rose Lineage, exploring Ella’s recent explorations into her roots and ancestry.

Join us as Ella uncovers the intricacies of her journey, revealing how she found her purpose and immersed herself in this transformative work. Discover the profound impact she has had on countless lives and the remarkable role she plays in empowering individuals to embrace their true potential!

Get ready for an enlightening and soul-stirring episode that will unlock the limitless potential within you!


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Thanks so much for listening in, I am so dang grateful that you stopped by, I am sending you so much love and I will see you in the next episode.


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