Want to be able to get rid of an emotion, limiting belief, or physical pain like THAT *snaps fingers*? EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping can help you do that in just moments! Learn what it is and how it works in this article!

Have you ever had one of those days where someone says something and it just rubs you the wrong way, or you see/read something that feels triggering and you end up in a funky mood that you can’t seem to shake it off?

I want to tell you about this awesome tool that helps heal what is present, take control of your emotions and shift them to a state that serves you (and your highest good) so that you can feel truly EMPOWERED.

In just moments you can shift from…

  • having a bad day to feeling so grateful and inspired
  • procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed to feeling SUPER motivated
  • feeling like you’re not worthy to pursue your dreams to feeling so freakin’ excited and confident to take inspired action!
  • (and these are just a few examples of what is possible)

How would you like to be able to get rid of an emotion, limiting belief, or physical pain like THAT *snaps fingers*?


You can do just that with the modality of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), also known as Tapping!


What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a set of techniques designed to balance the energy system of the body, eliminating negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging patterns.

EFT is based on the same scientifically proven principles as acupuncture, but is able to easily be utilized anytime or any place without any equipment.

What can EFT be used for?

It can be used to:

  • Eliminate negative emotions, feelings, moods, and states (especially when you’re experiencing these things in the moment)
  • Release fears and phobias
  • Break bad habits
  • Eliminate pain and illness
  • Remove dis-ease and get back to a state of ease
  • Let go of limiting and disempowering beliefs

How does EFT work?

Imagine you took the back off your TV set. Inside, you would see wires, electronics, circuit boards, etc.

If you were to jam a screwdriver inside those electronics, you would disrupt the flow of the energy, and the TV would go “Zzzzt!” and the picture would fuzz out.

That’s the same thing that happens in your body when you experience a negative emotion.

EFT states that, “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body’s energy system.”

To experience a negative emotion, we first have a negative experience or a distressing memory. The energy system gets disrupted by that experience, and then we feel that disruption calling it a “negative emotion.”

To balance this system, all we have to do is “tune into” the energy of the problem, and then balance that disruption by tapping on energy meridians in the body.


Where are the tapping points?

So let’s take a look at these energy meridians in the body – where are they at? Here are the tapping points:

  1. Eyebrow (EB) – right where your natural eyebrow begins
  2. Side of the Eye (SE)
  3. Under the Eye (UE) – right under where your pupil is if you’re looking forward
  4. Under Nose (UN) – above your top lip
  5. Chin (CH)
  6. Collar Bone (CB)
  7. Under Arm (UA) – in line with bra strap/nipples (use more than two fingers to tap here if needed)
  8. Top of Head (TH) – on the crown of your head

Want to be able to get rid of an emotion, limiting belief, or physical pain like THAT *snaps fingers*? EFT (Tapping) can do just that! Learn what EFT is and how you can use it on yourself in this article.


How To Use EFT/Tapping?

Here are the steps for tapping for yourself:

  1. Determine your problem – what emotion, block, belief or physical symptom do you want to shift?
  2. Rate the intensity of your problem on a scale of 0-10 (so that you can track how much it shifts)
  3. Tap on each tapping point (with two fingers) while thinking about your problem and saying out loud: “Even though I have this (problem), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
  4. Do this as many times as you need to until the intensity of your problem decreases.
  5. If the problem is decreasing but not going away completely, start back at step and update the current problem as needed.
  6. *PRO TIP – take a nice big inhale and exhale after each round of tapping and be sure to drink plenty of water as you are shifting energy with this process



Want to become an EFT Practitioner? Learn more about becoming a Certified Coach and Practitioner of 6 empowering modalities inside of the Limitless Method here.

*HUGS* – Amy


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