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It happens so often...I sit down to write blog content and writer's block creeps in! Here are my tips to stop writer's block + create FABULOUS blog content.

It happens to me oh so often. I dedicate a block of time to work on new blog content, I sit down, and BAM – writer’s block!

This is when I proceed to suddenly be hungry, despite having just eaten, or I realize how messy my room is and how badly I need to clean it, or I need to work on my budget, wash the car, milk the cow, feed the hog and so on and so on. 😉 Anything I can find to do OTHER than write.

And I mean…a n y t h i n g .

I have read about writer’s block from so many professional/successful writers. It really does happen to everyone, so please don’t let it get you down. I think that you need to try multiple options and find what works for you to overcome it.

For me, here is what works best to overcome writer’s block and come up with fabulous blog content on the regular:


1. Seek Inspiration

Get inspired by your awesome peers and mentors. Go online to check out blog posts that you love, read a book or article from your favorite author, listen to your fav podcast or audible book.

Basically, just surround yourself with creatives that inspire you to be a better writer/narrator/story teller/advice giver in general.

I heart non-fiction travel novels, for example, and usually just reading or listening for 15 minutes reminds me how to communicate. I know that may sound silly, but it gets me to write down a sentence. My first sentence…and then inspiration kicks in and I continue from there.

2. Journal

Journaling is such an awesome way to brainstorm. Set a timer and just begin writing. By hand, on your phone or open up a doc on your computer. Nothing fancy. Just a mental dump [LOL] on to the page as a way to unwind.

Once you get all your thoughts on paper you will find yourself digging deeper and deeper…and that my friend, is when the great ideas kick in!

I begin each morning by journaling and it has been such a game changer. I call them morning pages.  When I first started, it was just a lot of complaining. More or less it was all of my worries written down.

After getting them all written and out of my system I was able to write productively afterwards. Things like what I wanted to accomplish that day/week/year and most importantly why I wanted to accomplish them. I came up with tons of ideas and thoughts of gratitude instead of anger.

It really has been a game changer for me and I have committed to making journaling a ritual. I hope you really give it a try and stick to it! Which leads me to #3…

3. Make a List

Oh my goodness, boy do I love lists! They can become a distraction of their own, however, so keep it nice & simple. Once you clear your mental space by journaling, as noted above, make a list of all the brainstormed ideas that pour in.

Handwritten or digital, just like your journaling, will work just fine. Whatever is convenient to write on when you have a good idea. Then when it is time to write some killer content you have a list of ideas ready to go!

Watch out writer’s block…my list is gunna kick you to the curb! [saying things like that also help haha]

Make your blog post extra awesome and super consistent with this free planner

4. Take a Break

I think taking breaks is SO IMPORTANT! I can easily sit at my desk for endless hours working, working and working some more. I found that by setting an alarm it forces me to take a minute to go outside or to stand up, stretch and well…shake my bootay!

Dance breaks are awesome and they get the creative juices flowing!

If dancing doesn’t tickle your fancy take a minute and make an effort to go outside. Take a walk. Be in nature. Unplug. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Look at the sky. Appreciate the beauty around you. Be inspired. Let it all soak in.

The fresh air combined with movement sparks energy levels and you will return to your desk refreshed and creatively inspired. Every. Single. Time.

5. Ask Others

Some of my best ideas come from asking others: what problem do they need solved? Is it something you have already worked through and can give advice on? What do they need and what do they want? What do you wish you would’ve known when starting your blog or business?

Engage with you readers on social media or send out a survey via your email list and be amazed at all the ideas that come your way just from asking this simple question.

As you grow your blog/business you have lived through so many of the exact scenarios your readers need advice on. Sooo share the love and give some tips, encouragement or inspiration in the style only you can. After all, the reason you are writing this post is to help someone else right?

6. Tag Team It

Why not try working with someone else? Tag team that writer’s block and watch it disappear even faster! You could collaborate and create a group post or make a series that readers will look forward to on a regular basis.

Or just review your list from #3 with a trusted friend or colleague and see what they can contribute to your idea pool.

7. Don’t Underestimate Old Content

Go through your old blog posts for new ideas OR perhaps you can revamp/edit an old post itself. Maybe you have updated information that would be beneficial to add, maybe an old post is lacking some luster and it could benefit so many readers with just some touch up TLC?

There is no harm in revisiting your old stuff for new ideas.

And any time in doubt, just make something SUPER helpful…the more helpful you can be for the readers the better!

How do you continue to come up with fabulous blog content? How do you stop writer’s block in its tracks? I would love to hear any tips that you have in the comments below.

*Happy Writing!* -Amy


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