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So umm, what is Slutty Money you ask? [Don’t worry, it’s not what you think it is!] ūüôā

Slutty Money: Money that is earned by working only for a paycheck.

Slutty Money Work: Passion-less, non rewarding, stressful, counting-the-seconds-until-the-day-is-over work that does not in any way contribute to your goals or dreams.

You know what I’m talking about. Working just for money¬†and living only for the weekend because you can’t stand your work. Chasing carrot after carrot and never really getting anywhere. It’s so sad how many people do this! And if you are one of them, let’s change that!

I can sit here and tell you that carrot chasing is bad and following your heart is great but I know what you are thinking…

How are you supposed to do any of this if you have no money?

‚ÄúDo what you love and the money will follow.‚ÄĚ

I strongly agree with that quote. And I truly hope you follow your dreams and find this out for yourself. BUT unfortunately in the world we live in you do have to have some money in order to begin. In this article I want to share resources that changed my life for the better [financially] in order to make your slutty money income only a temporary situation.

Let’s fix your money situation so that you have the flexibility to create your dream job & say goodbye to slutty money forever!¬†

How To Avoid Slutty Money - Choose A Life Of Passion-Fueled Work & Watch Your Money Grow

Financial Peace University

Only a few years ago I was buried in my debt. Constantly making poor financial decisions and living extremely out of my means thus digging the debt hole deeper and deeper. Luckily, I have an amazing friend who introduced me to something called Financial Peace University (FPU).

I always struggled with where to begin. If I had $100 extra dollars at the end of the month do I:

A. Put it towards my savings account with little interest?

B. Put it towards a credit card balance and not even cover the interest payment that month?

C. Invest it in retirement so at least it would be more valuable someday?

D. Or give up and use it for travel money per usual?

Put together by Dave Ramsey, a finance genius, FPU lays out clear step-by-step info on handling money to get out of debt and remain that way for life. Like everything that is legit and actually works, it is not an overnight solution but if you put in the time and effort it can change your life and help create slutty money freedom.

Daily Worth

Daily worth is an amazing resource with lots of specific posts and tips related to money in every aspect. It is geared towards women but dudes you should take a look too…definitely check them out.

Overall, at the end of the day you need to be aware of how much money is coming in and how much is going out. 

Unless you have parents or a friend that taught you this simple fact you may not realize how crucial this is. Also, denial does tend to get in the way ūüėȬ†‚Ķso make a budget.¬†That is the most basic yet best advice I can provide.

Handwrite it and add it up with a calculator or make a super simple chart and list all of your expenses. Every bill. Every credit card and loan.

Things you only pay once a year like car registration. Gas money. Toilet paper money. Super yummy donut money. 

Lol okay TP doesn’t get it’s own line but my point is to really think of everything you do that requires money and month after month fine tune your budget until you are 100% in control.

Enter your info below¬†to get Amy’s awesome FREE non-slutty money budget templates to help you get your budget on point.

It is your money after all. You earned it. And if it is slutty money you probably did not even enjoy earning it! Regardless, you should own your money and not the other way around.

But budgets can be scary for sure!

Especially when you subtract that huge total of how much money you spend from your actual income. But don’t freak out. Once you see how much money you are most likely throwing away on unnecessary things just make some adjustments. The key here is being aware of the numbers and gaining control.

Once you download the forms above, fill out the ‘Monthly Budget Breakdown’¬†with all of your expenses and income amounts to track your leftover monthly balance. Whatever is leftover should go directly to your debt until you are debt free!!!¬†Woo Hoo!!!

I suggest paying off the smallest balance credit card first, then the second largest etc so that your focus is always on JUST ONE item until it is paid off. This creates momentum when you see action happening!!

Once all credit cards are paid off you can pay off loans. Car loans. Student loans. Even pay off your mortgage early! Can you imagine?!

Once debt free, this monthly balance can go to awesome things like travel, savings, that company you always wanted to start, more travel ūüėČ …

…I mean, the possibilities are endless!!!¬†DREAM BIGGER!

[Please note that these FREE charts are in Excel Spreadsheet form and left editable just for you. So just fill them out digitally for automatic totals OR print them out as a manual option] 

I’d love for you to let me know if these are helpful by sharing in the comments below. Thanks & happy budgeting!!

Choose A Life Of Passion-Fueled Work & Say Goodbye To Slutty Money Forever

Bottom line…please don’t let money be an excuse to avoid your dreams. It really doesn’t take much to make good things happen…it just takes the right mindset.

If you need extra cash to expedite your budget goals click here to get Amy’s Bridge Job & Freelance Ideas For Additional Income Article.

Find a way to do what you love and the money (with discipline and perseverance) will follow. Cheers to living non-slutty money free!!!

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