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After leaving a corporate job I had for many years, I decided to take a break and travel for a bit. I wasn’t sure what the future held for me what I wanted to create an online business of some kind. While traveling I found many people asking me travel budget questions.

That was when I realized, I need to show people that it doesn’t cost a ga-zillion dollars to travel! Hence the birth of the Amy Hates Carrots travel blog. *cue happy epiphany music*

I returned home from International adventures and blogged, blogged and blogged some more. I found that I was ironically working wayyyyy more hours for myself than I ever had for an employer. Of course it was a bit different in lots of great ways, BUT I was going to burn out quickly if I kept it up. Soooo I hopped in my car and took my work on the road for a little road trip, in hopes of balancing my work and my travel.

My short road trip turned into a solo exploration of the Continental 48 states. It was an amazing adventure that I will never forget, and the amount of life lessons I learned while working and traveling are priceless to me.

While on the road, Jason from Zero to Travel invited me to be a guest on his podcast. I love his site, his podcast and all the awesome things he creates so to say I was surprised and honored would definitely be putting it lightly. In like the “are you sure”? “I should be paying you for this” kind of surprised and honored way.

Although Amy Hates Carrots has evolved a TON since starting as a little travel blog [IE when this interview took place] I still believe in the same ideals and have overall similar goals. I want to inspire others to take a leap and try new things. Any resources I can provide to influence said things or make their transition easier is my goal. And of course, traveling the world will always be at the top of my new things to try list.

I’m so lucky to have this recording as a dear memory of where I was then and how far I’ve come [and to giggle at how dorky I really am LOL]. I can’t thank you enough, Jason, for giving me the opportunity to tell my story!!! Cheers!!!

Check out Amy’s interview on the awesome travel podcast: Zero To Travel! Take a listen by clicking on the link below…

Amy’s Interview w/ Zero To Travel Podcast

Thanks for listening!!! What to read more about my 48 state U.S. road trip? Check out more info here.


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find me grammin' at @amyhatescarrots

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