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Spain! One of my favorite places in the world!

The culture, the climate, the people, the language, the art, the beauty and…THE FOOD! I basically ate my way around this amazing country. City by city.

When exploring somewhere new with a foreign language, figuring out how to order the delicious food can get challenging. But most times, the results surprise you and leave you with delighted tastebuds.

Here are some tips about ordering coffee in Spain:

Drinking Coffee in Spain | A guide to ordering coffee in Spain

Spanish Cafe & Pastry | A guide to ordering coffee in Spain

If you did as the locals and ate tapas from 8 ‘til midnight and THEN proceeded to have dinner afterwards, most likely you won’t be super hungry when you wake up. Spaniards don’t tend to have a large breakfast due to this.

Sure there are lots of tourists spots serving American or British breakfast but you definitely won’t find any locals there. A typical breakfast, in Spain, is coffee with a pastry [the pastries are delicious] or toast.

Spanish Cafe and Toast | A guide to ordering coffee in Spain

Cafe & Toast

Toast with Tomato Pulp | A guide to ordering coffee in Spain

Toast with Tomato Pulp

And coffee isn’t just ordered for breakfast, it is an all hours of the day beverage. It is a social activity after meals and in between. Order your next one like a local by using this vocab:

Café Con Leche [similar to American Latte or white coffee] is strong coffee or espresso with steamed milk – the most popular coffee drink in Spain

Café Solo is a strong small serving of coffee [usually a single shot of espresso]

Café Solo Doble is larger version of above

Café Cortado is an espresso with a dash of steamed milk

Café Americano [large black coffee] is an espresso shot served in a larger glass and watered down [if you prefer coffee over espresso this may be your favorite as most places only serve espresso drinks…but it is known mostly for out-of-towners FYI]

Café Con Hielo is espresso and ice cubes for the hot season

Café Suizo is a shot of espresso with a dollop of whipped cream

Café Bombon is a shot os espresso served with condensed milk

Carajillo is a Café Solo served with a dash of brandy [or whiskey]

Trifásico is coffee with milk, cream or condensed milk and a liquor

Descafeinado is decaf coffee

Capuccino Italiano is an Italian cappuccino and may be available at some locations for travelers

Sweeteners are available. Sugar [azúcar] is the primary with the rare substitute sweetener or honey [miel] upon request.

Granada Cafe & Dessert | A guide to ordering coffee in Spain

Also, this isn’t actually coffee BUT please please please make sure to try churros and chocolate when you’re in Spain. It is life changing!!

Churros and Chocolate in Barcelona | A guide to ordering coffee in Spain

Thanks so much for reading! Have you been to Spain? Do you love the coffee? Any fav spots I can check out on my next visit? Please let me know in the comments section below. Adios!

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Un café con leche por favor | A guide to ordering coffee in Spain

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