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Although it can tend to have a gray cloud or two, London is far from dreary. I am so fond of it, in fact, that I chose to make it my International landing spot for my very first solo trip abroad! Today actually marks the 3 year anniversary of this amazing day. So pardon me while I reminisce and explain why London should be your next destination!

Fancy a spot of tea?! London’s calling! Time to pack your bags! [Hey, there isn’t a song about it for nothing! teehee]

Big Ben and The House Of Parliament in London

I mean for starters, London is home to my favorite clock…Big Ben! Isn’t he handsome?! You may recognize him from his cameo in Peter Pan. ‘Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning!’

St Paul's Cathedral London

Tower Bridge in London

Then there is the glorious St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower Bridge crossing the River Thames. London is a historical urban hub scattered with awesome monuments, and it was such a treat to wander the streets and run into them constantly.

The London Eye From Across The River Thames

Big Ben at night in London, England

I had been to London once before with a small group from my 11th grade high school class. We had thought it wise [at the time] to jam pack Ireland, England and all transport to & from into a mere 6 days. Tour groups, although quite efficient at getting you to every single tourist attraction available, will never be my favorite form of travel.

#tbt My friend Alisa shook me awake on the tour bus and said, “Amy, we are at Big Ben. Get up, you wanted to see it so badly!” In my extremely-sleep-deprived-jet-lagged haze I opened one eye to glance at the handsome clock, handed her my camera, and asked her to take a few shots for me. *GASP*

London City Night View From River Thames

And that, my Friend, is how NOT to travel. Talk about senses overload! Back-to-back historical sites, museums, monuments etc tend to lessen the experience and make you forget to appreciate what’s in front of you.

I’m all for making a trip happen, even when there isn’t a lot of time to do so, but if you can’t truly be in the moment and be present for your vacation entirely, perhaps the itinerary needs to be lessened. May I suggest a tour with a slower pace perhaps or my fav…wandering on your own?!

While taking this photo of Big Ben, a English man shouted: “What’s the big FU%$ING deal?! It’s just a bloody clock!” LOL Obviously, he will never understand! [Gosh, I love London!]

Chinatown in London, England

The London Eye

The London Eye

Look Right Pedestrian Signs in London

Chinatown is loaded with delicious eats. In fact, all of London is! And you get to try true classics like: Bangers and Mash. Cockles. Full English Breakfast. Sticky Toffee Pudding. And Afternoon Tea…I enjoy mine with a little cream [even though I never do that at home] and a spoonful of sugar, in true Mary Poppins fashion.

On a side note: You don’t know that you ALWAYS look left when crossing a street until you explore a place that does the opposite. Speaking of looking right, see Shakespeare’s Globe theatre on the right in the photo below? They perform open air plays to this day in true Elizabethan-style. How fantastic is that?!

The Globe Theatre at night in London

Winter time might be chilly in London, but it offers some festive decor throughout Oxford Circus. It is a major road, Oxford Street, in the City of Westminster [the West End of London] and it is known as Europe’s busiest shopping street. Umm, yes please!

Oxford Circus on a winter night

A traditional pub in London

Don’t forget to stop a local pub…or two…or ten. Grab a pint, and witness the liveliest of historical British culture in action.

A Pint of London Pride

“The history of the Pub goes back to the Romans, who first introduced Tabernae to England, where food, wine and ale were sold. After the departure of the Romans, Alehouses sprang up all over the country. Ale is a potent brew of malted barley, similar to beer but without the hops. With increasing industrial pollution in England, water no longer was safe to drink, so ale became the drink of necessity.” [Courtesy of]

See? So, drink another pint just in case there is no safe water. You’re just being responsible [lol]! And do yourself a favor & get some ‘cheese fries.’ Because for some reason, when fries are called chips and E N G L I S H cheddar is melted on top, pure magic is created! [Did I mention that you really need to go to London ;)]

English cheese fries

The London Eye at Nightime

OH MY GOODNESS, English breakfast! I almost forgot to tell you about it…it is DELISH!!! Sautéed mushrooms are common, grilled tomatoes, potatoes in some amazing form, eggs, toast, sausage and baked beans that are to-die-for! And lots of places even have a veggie option in place of the sausage! I HEART ENGLAND!

English breakfast in London

The English Channel Train Station

London is oh so wonderful, but I had many more places to explore on my first ever solo International adventure. So I hoped on a bus, that drove onto a train, that took us underwater and across the English Chanel. Pond hopping they call it? More like diving. And I highly recommend it! [Above is a pic from the Channel train station.]

Until next time London, cheerio!

Have I talked you into making London your next destination? Isn’t it just grand? And those accents, they are just the B E S T ! Thanks for reading and cheers to lots of adventure ahead, I hope London is included!

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London's Calling! Here's why London should be your next destination! Cheerio!

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