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If you have a blog or website and want to utilize some affiliate marketing options to increase your sales & help your followers check out these resources.

What is affiliate marketing? It is earning a commission by promoting someone else’s company or product. You find services and products you love, promote them and earn a little piece of profit each time a sale is made from your promotion.

Simple right?!

Please note that as you build a trusted following you want to be sure to only recommend products and services that you actually use yourself.

Splashing a ton of ads, especially for stuff you don’t even use yourself, is a guaranteed way to lose loyal readers.

Keep it classy and honest and make a few bucks here and there by doing so. #keepitclassy

How To Use Affiliate Marketing To Increase Your Sales & Help Your Followers

CJ Affiliates

Formerly Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate by Conversant has been around sine ’98 and has a large group of advertisers to choose from. I chose to work with them for the variety of travel related merchant partnerships that they offer. The merchant’s ads are updated regularly and as a promotor you have a decent selection of ad type.

They do require an application process to be approved as a promotor so make sure your website isn’t BRAND new when applying. Get some content and followers before submitting an application for any of the suggested partners on this article to increase your chances for approval.


AvantLink is another network of affiliate merchants that I use mostly for action/adventure type travel products and services. There is an application process required to be an affiliate so be sure your blog/site has been up and running for a bit before applying. Merchants are throughout the US, Canada and Australia.

Google AdSense

Google has LOADS of free resources for website owners and bloggers. From their Google Analytics that allow you to see detailed reports of your site’s traffic, to their Google Sitemap that can improve the crawling of your site. Dude, have you tried their Google Keep yet? It is an amazing application that keeps your notes, lists AND reminders all in one spot! Needless to say they have an endless list of resources for any digital business.

Just GTS [Google That Sh*t] to learn more!

Anywho…Google Adsense is another free way to earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your online content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your website. [Courtesy of Google Adsense]

The Amazon Associates Program

Launched back in ’96, The Amazon Associates program is a great way to promote all of the products you use to your readers without having to signup for each product company directly. It is free to join and quite simple to use with some link customization options and even a customizable widget. Profit varies greatly by product so read up on their terms and conditions to be sure that it fits your needs first.

Link Share & Share A Sale

Two other programs that I do not use personally, but know of respected fellow bloggers that do, are Link Share & Share a Sale. Both offer recognizable large name businesses as merchants, however they just weren’t business that I necessarily would use for a travel related blog. Therefore, they just weren’t for me. But definitely check out their lists of merchants and see either is a good fit for you!


The bottom line is that it never hurts to ask or research affiliate options for your favorite products, services and companies. If you are a beauty blogger, for example, who wants to recommend a certain product to your readers but cannot find it on an affiliate program like the ones listed above, then reach out to the company directly. See if you can be a guest blogger for them or get an ad campaign directly.

If there is a service, ebook, product or course that helped you grow your business see if the creator offers an affiliate/referral option. Then you are truly helping your followers, your promoting a fellow business buddy/blogger AND getting a lil’ compensation all at once!

If you die over the product or service then your readers should know about it. And if there is not a way to earn a commission from it that’s obviously okay too because…


No matter what. Honest content is the primary goal ALWAYS and if you can earn a buck or two from it, even better.

Do you use an affiliate program that I missed? Have any specific companies that you love working with? Please let me know in the comments below. 



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