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Before doing any of the following steps, the first thing you need to acknowledge is that it is NOT possible to be SUPER DUPER productive all day every day!

It is easy to become frustrated with yourself when you would rather do ANYTHING other than what you need to be doing, but everybody needs a break here and there.

These tips help balance out everything you need AND want to be doing so that you can be realistic while still meeting your goals and deadlines. Give yourself some flexibility on the ‘really hard to get motivated days,’ get a TON of shiz done on the ‘in the zone’ days and learn how to keep all types of days welcome…but in check.

Now that we’ve cleared that up…let’s get down to biz-nazz!

Here are my tips on how to be super productive this week and the habits to keep productivity around for the weeks to come after.

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Time is actually your friend BUT if left to its own devices, it has a tendency to run quite a muck. Control the day’s 24 hours by scheduling E V E R Y T H I N G. Really.

Time for emails, phone calls, family and friend stuff, boyfriend time, social networking, grocery shopping, cooking/eating, happy hour, exercise, making/eating nachos, budgeting, actually leaving your desk to shower and get dressed [sometimes you do have to put real pants on…le sigh], and so on.

Sure, it might seem a bit OCD but by allotting time for all activities you balance work and play thus being more productive during work time. When you know you only have until 7pm to get your work tasks completed you’re more likely to get them done by 7pm so you can proceed with your evening.

And that will prob be the toughest part…stopping work at the end of your work day. But it is important to stop and call it a day. Again you will be more productive the following day because you know your work time is limited.

Bonus tip: schedule your next day the night before…I keep an ongoing task list for the week. I prioritize it so that the most urgent items are the focus but the smaller/quick tasks get done in lumps each day.

Sunday night is a great time to jump start your week’s planning. Sure things may come up each day, but you already have a game plan going in to Monday morning.


If scheduling every single thing sounds like the absolute worst idea ever to you then maybe it isn’t for you. Perhaps scheduling clumps of time instead of every little task is more your style. You need to know what works for you and do exactly that.

However, if you have never really given the whole schedule-every-single-thing a try please give it a whirl. It really does work and holds you accountable for your time, making the most out of each hour and day.

Also, hire people to do the things that you absolutely hate doing! It will be worth every penny! If you have coworkers/employees then it is time to delegate more. If you’re a solopreneur it may be time to get some VA [virtual assistant] action! Spend your time doing what you are best at and doing what you love most and watch your productivity level sky rocket! #knowwhatworksforyou

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I wish I didn’t LOVE television as much as I do, but I do. Whenever I give it up completely I end up binge watching more than ever! I realize it is not an efficient use of time but I just give myself little TV breaks here and there, usually during meal breaks or exercise breaks, and find myself getting way more stuff done.

Also, dance breaks are AH-mazing! Put on your fav song and just dance [Sadly, lately my dance breaks consist of trying to learn the choreography to a Bieber song #dontjudge #awesomedancemoves]. And/or just go outside for a little break. I’ll do some laps in the pool, go for a bike ride, a short walk or even just sit in the sun and chill for a few. You return to your desk super energized and ready to tackle that list after movement and fresh air.

AND heaven forbid you’re just having one of those days where inspiration, creativity and motivation refuse to visit your doorstep…but if so, it is time to throw in the towel!! Limit yourself to structured, administrative, errand-type tasks only. Or just give yourself the day off if it really is that bad. Don’t do it often, but sometimes taking an entire daybreak is the only cure to lost productivity. An entire day spent outside and dancing?! SIGN ME UP!

You can’t always control every little detail but you can control the balance of productive work and play time. Everyone needs time to refresh and rejuvenate. Please get out of your own way and acknowledge that you deserve days like this too!


I only recently discovered the fabulous art of batching tasks. I used to spend an entire day on 1 blog post. Researching for it, writing it, making the graphics all puuuurdy, editing it, posting it on the website, marketing it on social media, adding it to all my social media posting programs, linking it to all my offerings/other posts and triple checking it one more time. Never again!

Now I do each one of these mini-tasks for multiple blog posts at once. I get so much more done in one day. And you can do this for anything! Batch all your errands, cooking, graphic design, shopping, social media-ing [well, it should be a verb], cleaning, newsletter writing, emails, budgeting, photo taking, photo editing etc etc etc. Do it in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly batches and be amazed at how much more you’re checking off that list of yours.

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No joke, a little treat can go a long way. I don’t die for sugar, so nachos are often my reward haha [#bestrewardever]. If you stick to your schedule and get all the important tasks done for the day why not give your self a little reward? If that isn’t your style make it a big monthly gift or treat yourself to an adventure. This also helps with the balance-it-all-out thing.

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Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have any productivity tips that always work for you? Any favorite nacho recipes or dance break choreography I should be learning?! LOL! I’d love to hear about them in the comments. Thanks for reading…please remember that you are AWESOME even if you didn’t get your entire list done today!!! XOXO

How To Be Super Productive - Get A Ton Of Stuff Done This Week & All The Weeks After


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