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You might be missing out on some super simple ways to grow that tribe of yours. Try these 9 simple steps and watch your audience and engagement GROW!

You know when you work, work and work some more on your blog and yet no matter what you do you see no growth?

You pour your heart into your posts and yet there are still just the faint sound of crickets chirping when it comes to your online presence?

Well dontcha worry! Growing your blog does take time and lots of work, but it is SUPER possible!

Here are my fav simple ways to grow your traffic and engage that online audience of yours:


1. Make AWESOME Post Titles

Do you ever spend a ton of time trying to come up with a catchy title that only ends up not matching your content? Or spend too much time searching for the perfect SEO title that ends up sounding like a robot?

Well, never again…here are some super popular fill-in-the-blank headline templates to spark some ideas and get you that ‘must-click’ post title:

# Simple ___ That Will ___ Improve ___

Top # ___ Mistakes You Must Avoid

How To ___ Like A Boss

The Ultimate Guide To ___

# Things You Didn’t Know About ___

# ___ Rules You SHOULD Break

___ Shouldn’t Be Complicated

How To ___ Even If You ___

The # Best Ways To ___

How To ___, The Easy Way

The Only ___ You Should ___ Today

2. Create Share-Worthy Posts [obvi ;)]

I know this is an obvious one, but when you are wrapped up in blog world [aka the place I go for hours on end] sometimes the obvious gets slightly overlooked b/c you are wrapped up trying to focus on too many things.

Make uber helpful free information AND over flowing posts that are simple and specific. Make them clean and easy to read with lists or numbered points and be sure to include some pretty, yet useful, graphics/images.

THEN, make sure your post is super easy for your reader to share with just the click of a button and BAM, watch your shares increase!

*Pro tip: make your graphics and post easily shareable with a plugin or two. I use Sumo Me to make those lil’ share squares you can see right now and Tailwind to schedule my pins to Pinterest.

3. Always End Your Posts With a Question

Engage with your readers by starting the conversation for them. Share your story in relation to the subject matter and ask if they have had similar experiences of their own or perhaps additional advice they can contribute.

Then, of course, always reply to all of your comments in a timely manner. [Apply this to social media posts too].

Your audience wants to know how you solved this particular problem and love to know that you have gone through it too!

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4. Want More Comments? Then, Give More Comments.

I know this sounds obvious too, but one day I was really bummed I wasn’t getting any comments on an important post and I realized…’Amy, when is the last time you left a comment of your own?!’

Take a minute after reading a super awesome post to comment and tell the writer that their post was awesome. If they followed the advice in step 2, engage in their convo. [Apply this to social media posts too].

5. Want More Shares? Then, Give More Shares.

Just like #4, take a minute to share a post that you loved reading on social media. Take a second to tweet it, share it on Facebook, re-pin it to Pinterest etc.

Do it because you loved it and want to support your fellow helpful blogger and in return get more shares from them/their readers. [Also, you are being even more helpful for your readers by sharing content other than just your own].

6. Dig Into Your Vault

If you have old archived content that is already popular, be sure to keep it active and evergreen. If a lot of people found it helpful, there are more readers out there that will benefit from it too so share, share, share.

If you need to update the content, start those updates m’dear! The more evergreen you an make all of your content and promote it regularly – the better!

7. Be My Guest (Beauty and the Beast style) 😉

Collaborate with other bloggers. Be a guest post writer for another blog or invite others to write for you. Help each other out and share audiences to gain engaged traffic.

You can reach out on social media, to your favorite bloggers or in relevant Facebook groups. Collaboration is ALWAYS a great idea!

8. Make (MORE) Awesome Freebies

Have some awesome freebies already? Great, make a LOT more!

Seriously, give away so much free stuff that it is shocking! Add little freebies to your posts that are downloadable and super helpful for your audience and watch that traffic (and email list of yours) grow!

9. Ask For What You Want

Trying to get more Instagram followers? Ask your readers to check out your Insta account and put a link.

Want more comments on a post? End the post with a question [see #3] and ASK your reader to comment.

Give your reader clear direction…a real ‘call to action.’ Sometimes you just need to ask in order to make it happen…after all, not everyone is a mind reader heehee. 😉

Don’t forget to grab your FREE blog post planner here:


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Have any of this tips helped you to grow your traffic and engage your readers? I would love to hear about what has and hasn’t work for you in the comments below. Thanks for reading!!

*Happy Engaging M’Dear!* -Amy


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  1. Some really helpful tips here. Personally I always struggle with coming up with catchy titles, you’re right that sometimes you try and come up with such a catchy title that in the end it doesn’t even match what you’re writing about. It’s a slippery slope!

    • Amy says:

      I’m so super glad you found them helpful! I’ve been keeping the title on a post-it/at the top of my screen while writing the article in order to always make sure I’m sticking to the subject…you might find it handy as well! Thanks so much for reading & happy blogging!! 😀

  2. Great Tips! Going to take them all on board 🙂

  3. I love and agree with each word in this article! I’m trying my best to acheive this goal, but i had something wrong with my blog when i get a new domaine name! i have lost 70% of my traffic! But this will not stop me here.. I’m working hard to get back to the best position..

    Thank you so much

    • Amy says:

      Oh my goodness, thank you so very much! I’m so sorry to hear about the lost traffic you experienced…hang in there! The right readers will find you once again and you will gain even more if you stick to your plan! Best of luck to you m’dear!! 😀

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