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This article is for you [awesome blogger or online business owner] who has been using Pinterest already, but not getting the results you want. OR perhaps you are getting some growth, but investing an enormous amount of time in exchange for it?? No worries, I’m here to help!

Pinterest is a FABULOUS way to grow your blog and online brand. I can’t recommend enough that you make it your social media focus, but it does NOT have to be complicated or super time consuming.

There are ways to automate your Pinterest marketing and I want to show you what has been the most successful for me. One word…BoardBooster.

It has been quite life changing for the growth of my blog and my email list, and frankly I wish I had learned of it sooner. Let’s jump right in so I can explain how I am able to grow my Pinterest following by only spending a couple hours per month pinning.

Grow your following by using BoardBooster to automate your Pinterest strategy

Okay, now here are the ways to boost [lol get it? Boost! ;)] your following by automating your Pinterest strategy with BoardBooster:

1. Schedule Your Pins

Yup, you read that right! No more pinning for hours upon hours to get a couple new followers while also loosing a couple annoyed followers who had their feed blasted by all your back-to-back pins. Scheduling allows you to pin in the future – you select pins and decide when to publish them so it doesn’t happen all at once.

Seriously, like the best idea ever right?!

How you ask? You create secret boards that feed to your public board. Sooooo what does this mean exactly? Once every other week or so I log on to Pinterest, I look up topics for each of my boards and I pin everything great I find to these secret boards. Board booster then pins them throughout the day to my public board. *LOVE IT*

2. Campaign Your Pins

Group boards can grow your Pinterest following and traffic to your site lickedy-split-fast! BUT pinning to them can be a chore. You want to follow the rules and contribute only the best you have to offer. Campaigning pulls random pins from your board and pins to group boards so you don’t have to spend much time monitoring this.

It also simplifies the process of hosting a group board and monitoring your contributors on performance and volume. Super handy! See who is really adding value or who [gasp] is taking advantage and breaking your rules.

3. Loop Your Pins

Looping takes your old stuff and loops it to the top of your feed. S0000 your old pins that were collecting dust are now being circulated and your newest blog followers have access to your old stuff without digging through your website.

For real, imagine all the extra time you are going to have from this fabulous invention called BoardBooster! Click here for a FREE trial!  

Grow your following by using BoardBooster to automate your Pinterest strategy

I loop 1-5 pins per board per day. I suggest doing 1-2 on your smaller boards with less pins and then increase for larger boards. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

But Amy doesn’t this duplicate my pins? Well, yes and no. You will have one copy at the top of your feed and one at the bottom at the same time for the amount of time of your choice. The reason for this is BoardBooster wants to keep whichever duplicate pin got the most repins. It deletes the lower one and keeps the higher so that you always keep that pin active and found.

This combination is key. Old pins from looping + new pins from scheduling = always giving pinners a chance to find you and see what the heck you’re all about!

4. Improve Your Pin Quality

And as if that wasn’t enough…there is something called pin doctor that basically finds bad pins for you. Aka broken links, leads to irrelevant address links, sites that no longer exist, slow websites etc. The doctor finds these in all of your boards for you and you confirm whether or not to delete each pin with a click.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to follow someone who pins a bunch of super old + bad pins. It wastes your reader’s time to click on those and therefore your credibility goes down.

Imagine doing this task manually? No thank you! And this isn’t something you have to always do, just time to time.

How I grew my Pinterest following and saved TONS of time with BoardBooster

5. Clean Up Your Boards 

Making sure all of your boards match your brand is super important. Anything that doesn’t fit your brand/blog/website’s theme should be made secret, for personal use only.

Cleaning up your boards, like everything else, takes time. BoardBooster makes it easy to remove unwanted pins or split a board that you want to break up into multiple boards.

6. Optimize Everything!

Lastly, you can see which boards and pins are your most successful in easy to navigate reports combining this with the best time to pin and you really are taking your pin it game a level higher.

And you don’t want to pin all at once because your followers will see EVERYTHING at once, hence the scheduling option above. But with these reports you can see when your audience is on Pinterest and schedule everything based on those times of day.

Save TONS of time & grow your following like CRAZY by automating your Pinterest strategy

I really save so much time by automating all of these tasks. With over 100 pins being scheduled/looped automatically, I do still log on once every other week to pin to my secret boards. I want to always be finding new awesome pins for my followers, so I think this is important.

I’m sorry, I really don’t mean to be super salesy right now. I just truly wish I had learned of BoardBooster sooner. It is worth every penny [I have increased my plan as my following has grown and I currently pay $30 per month for 3,000 pins per month – but they have plans as low as $5 per month AND the link below gives you a free trial].

You really should give it a try…click here to check BoardBooster out for FREE.

[please note that I use and LOVE this program (obviously), it is an affiliate but I truly can’t recommend it more for the growth of your blog/online business]

Thanks for reading m’dear! I would love to hear how Pinterest has helped your business/blog grow in the comments below. Have you tried BoardBooster or any similar programs?

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  1. Sarah Jane

    January 26th, 2018 at 2:15 am

    PinPinterest com is hell bend on providing the best of the marketing and the automation services when it comes to managing the Pinterest Account, even though it has these ads running on sometimes. But still, when compared to what I get in return, it is just a small part of the whole deal and I tend to focus on the positives.
    The feature which I like the most and which has also helped in gained more than 50k followers on Pinterest itself is the amazing content crawling and the sophisticated algorithm system which takes the best and pins it on my board. I have also gained a lot of followers on my webpage too using this tool and for that I did not need to be on PC all the time as it is there on mobile platform too making it easy to operate and manage.

  2. Amy

    January 27th, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    Hi Sarah! Oh wow, that is a lot of followers that you gained. Thanks so much for the info, I will definitely check it out!

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