Shifting Your Blog’s Focus | Why I Don’t Want To ONLY Be A Travel Blogger

Why I Decided To No Longer Be A Travel Blogger

I LOVE to travel! Exploring new places, meeting new people, eating local food and just seeing the world is such an adventure.

If you’ve read my about me page you know that I became quite tired of chasing career carrots and decided to quit my job in 2014. To celebrate my decision, I traveled internationally solo for the first time [with my backpack Norm] through western Europe, returned home and started a travel blog.

This involved teaching myself web design which also began my web design business. Yet, months later I realized I was spending all my days and nights at my desk. It was fun to work for myself and try new things but I needed to balance it all out. I was working more hours as my own employer than I had been as an employee without taking the time to even enjoy self-employment.

This realization sparked my U.S. road trip adventure. What began as a lil’ camping/budget getaway turned into a solo exploration of the 48 Continental States while living out of my car [Priscilla, the Prius]. It truly was an amazing experience!!

Writing about my travels inspired me to be braver, try new things and find ways to save money on traveling so that I could share the advice with my readers. It was so much fun and I will always remember these experiences so fondly.

I LOVE to inspire people to travel!

Shifting The Focus Of Your Blog | Why I Decided to No Longer Be A Travel Blogger

We live in such an amazing world it is a shame to only explore a tiny bit of it throughout an entire lifetime! However, I don’t travel enough to give specific hotel, restaurant, cheap flight, travel credit card etc advice. I consider myself more than entry level but definitely not an expert on the subject matter and I’d prefer to leave this advice up those that have made this their daily life.

It is so silly in hindsight, but I was stressing myself out by not providing enough information in these categories to my readers. And so began my epiphany. I don’t want to ONLY be a travel advice blogger. Instead, I want to also:

1. I want to inspire and encourage others to seek adventure.
2. I want to prove that you can create your own business and/or blog that will financially support you so that you do not have to chase dangling carrots.
3. I want to take the lessons I have learned to grow my business and relay them to you so that you can do the same.
4. I want to help you create your dream life.
5. I want to inspire.

Don’t get me wrong, travel will still be a large part of my life [and my blogging], but rather than providing you ONLY with information on inexpensive places to stay and eat in Barcelona [for example] I hope my stories and photos will inspire you to seek your own adventure in the destination of your choosing. I will share, in addition, how adventure betters you as a person and how that can also better your business.

Seek Adventure with Amy Hates Carrots

To be honest, it is a bit scary. Writing about travel did become comfy, as does anything after you practice a lot. But I think that embracing the uncomfortable butterflies and taking a leap is the biggest adventure of all.

I hope that my life and blogging lessons that will now be added to this blog, will be beneficial to you and help inspire you! I truly hope that you love the revamping of Amy Hates Carrots.

If you’re considering a revamp of your own please note that I truly think your blog and/or business should help as many people as possible. If you feel limited about how many readers you are reaching with your current subject matter, perhaps it is time for a change?

And although you may have spent countless hours on your previous subject matter, that shouldn’t be a reason to not make a switch. Your blog/business is FOR YOUR FOLLOWERS. So do what is best for them in the long run!

Won’t you live an inspired carrot-free life with me? 

Thanks so much for reading. Have you changed course like this in your blogging or business life? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below! Cheers to trying new things!

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