Exploring The Ruins Of Pompeii

Exploring The Ruins Of Pompeii

Located near Naples in Italy, Pompeii is a city that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The falling ash came so quickly with just the right recipe of ingredients that it managed to preserve the city just as it was.

Frozen in time for you to explore. Exploring the ruins of Pompeii is a fascinating experience to say the least.

Map of Naples | Courtesy of dogsofpompeii.com

Courtesy of dogsofpompeii.com

This once thriving and sophisticated Roman city now contains preserved buildings, streets, pots, frescoes with vibrant color in tact and even bodies. Yup, human bodies!

Exploring Pompeii

Pompeii Ruins | Courtesy of sharedtoursinitaly.com

Courtesy of sharedtoursinitaly.com

I recommend giving yourself most of the day to explore it. Start in the areas furthest from the entrance and work your way back to avoid the tours and crowds.

Pompeii, Italy | Courtesy of averysegal.com

Courtesy of averysegal.com

I did a tour and appreciated the amount of information but you can go about it self-guided style as well. These are some of my favorites spots in Pompeii:

The Brothel

Being close to sea, this was a port town. Meaning lots of sailor visitors for short periods of time. Someone quickly realized how profitable a brothel would be here and made one.

Because the sailors were from all parts of the world they came up with a sign system to guide men of all languages to the building – the carved penises in the stone roads pointing in the direction of the brothel. No joke! We’re talking 79 AD and earlier. LOL

Brothel in Pompeii | Courtesy of imgur.com

Courtesy of imgur.com

Once the sailor arrived at the brothel [a tiny building with stone beds] the language barrier was again a problem, so they painted beautifully colored frescoes on the wall with sexual positions/services making it as simple as point and pay. A visual menu if you will. #clever

Pompeii Brothel

The Forum & Its Baths

The forum is near the main gate and therefore quite crowded all day. It was the main center of life in this city. It also has baths nearby that are well preserved [The Forum Baths].

Pompeii, Italy | Courtesy of dkfindout.com

Courtesy of dkfindout.com

Garden of Fugitives 

This is where you will find the preserved casts of people who did not survive the eruption. Those who didn’t make it out of the city in time were preserved by ash and casts of their remains later created.

Garden of Fugitives in Pompeii | Courtesy of scoopwhoop.com

Courtesy of scoopwhoop.com

My Italian tour guide made sure that we knew the archeologist that discovered how to create the casts properly was an Italian. 🙂

The Amphitheater 

The amphitheater is where games were held for entertainment.

Pompeii Amphitheater | Courtesy of flickr.com

Courtesy of flickr.com

The Homes

There are lots of homes with colorful frescoes. My favorites were the House of the Small Fountain, House of Venus, House of the Faun [the largest in the city named for the staute in front], and the House of Sallustio which was probably an inn with a little food shop in front of it.

Pompeii Homes | Courtesy of stripes.com

Courtesy of stripes.com

Pompeii Frescoes | Amy Hates Carrots

The Baths

There are many bath houses to explore throughout the ruins.

Pompeii Bath House | Courtesy of gordonfamilyrtw.com

Courtesy of gordonfamilyrtw.com

Pompeii Baths

Ruins of Pompeii

There is a lot to see in addition to the above. These were my favorite areas. If you enjoy history and really want to see everything you may not even finish in one day.

Pompeii Ruins

Map of Pompeii | Courtesy of romanoimpero.com

Courtesy of romanoimpero.com

Please note that it gets oh so hot in the summer, aka the day I was there. Make sure to dress appropriately and bring lots of water. I recommend the guided tour and as noted begin in the least crowded areas, away from the entrance, and work your way back.

Amy Hates Carrots in Pompeii

Thanks for reading! Have you been to Pompeii or is it on your destination list? Please let me know in the comments below. Grazie! Ciao!

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Exploring the ruins of Pompeii, Italy is a fascinating must-do experience. Check out this guide to learn about this mystifying ancient city.

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