About Amy Hates Carrots

Hola! I’m Amy, and I love to travel, create, motivate, learn, hustle and…inspire others to dream bigger & be braver!

In early 2014 I took a big leap and left my corporate job to explore the world, create my own business and discover my life’s unbeaten path – a road that was free from dangling carrots.

So what is the deal with my hatred of carrots?

Well first of all, I love real carrots. Just to make that clear. I eat them and juice them regularly, but I’m not fond of the dangling carrots provided by employers, many educational-type systems and society norms in general just to name a few.

I found myself chasing one carrot after another in my career in particular…job after job. A better salary, a better title, a sense of security and so on. As an employer or profitable business I understand that motivation is very necessary, but year after year it would always be there…

That darn carrot. Evolving ever so slowly into the next carrot and the next.

Dangling Carrot-Free with Amy Hates Carrots

Ironically, there was a drastic turn of events and the company I worked for was purchased by a much larger one. During the transition something crazy happened…

They actually gave me the carrot! The whole thing! Everything I had been working so hard for. And it turns out that it was nothing like I had hoped.

So, that was it for me. No more metaphorical carrots. If I am going to chase after something in this amazing life I have been given why would it be anything other than my dreams? My passions? A life of purpose and adventure? A life of freedom?

And that was the moment I decided…to follow my heart and not the carrot!

Follow Your Heart with Amy Hates Carrots

My hope is that my articles & resources will inspire others to take a leap out of the unfulfilling repeat cycle that life can so easily turn into when you are not following your heart.

Week after week turns into month after month and before you know it five more years have gone by because you were too busy…working for just a paycheck. Did you ever see that movie “Crazy, Stupid Love?” This babysitter is angry with the mother of the kids and as the mother tries to give her cash as a payment the sitter shouts:

“I don’t want your slutty money!”

Thanks to my brilliant friend that is what we now call it. Working only for a paycheck equals slutty money. So just say no to being a money slutface and pursue your passions instead!

Slutty Money Free with Amy Hates Carrots

Think about it…what would your dream life be? If you won the lottery today and bought all of the stuff you wanted…what would you do after that? For the rest of your life?

After all, what is the absolute worst thing that can happen if you followed your dreams? It doesn’t work out and you are back at square one? Wouldn’t square one be better just knowing that you had tried?

Anything is possible! Plant the seed and see what grows…just make sure it doesn’t grow into a carrot.

Amy Hates Carrots’ Vocab:

A Dangling Carrot (aka what Amy hates): A metaphor for an unattainable goal that if actually achieved will not be as rewarding as originally perceived AND shall instantly be replaced with new dangling carrot.

Slutty Money: Money that is earned by working only for a paycheck.

Slutty Money Work: Passion-less, non rewarding, stressful, counting-the-seconds-until-the-day-is-over work that does not in any way contribute to your goals or dreams.

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